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Written by: Kiki

Aloha Fabbies!

With the vloggers and tutorial success booming on such social media platforms as YouTube and Instagram in the past few years, it has brought the art of makeup to the mainstream.  Careers of such MUA stars as Beatface Honey and Patrick Starrr have found fame based on their amazing artistry and tour regularly teaching to budding artists.  But let’s be honest, regardless of how many tutorials we watch or Pinterest boards we pin to, some of us will never beat like a MUA.  And if you are anything like me, then you feel like your basic application of makeup comes out much like this……


But without any effort towards a little sumthin sumthin, then you are probably feeling and looking like this… and the children are definitely saying this……

no makeup

So, here is the happy median I have found that leaves me looking not quite like death but  not ready to sing for my life on Rupaul’s Drag Race either… Let me further stress, I am a newbie to makeup and no way an “expert” and I have yet to begin the sculpting of brows… but here it is…

Steps to Kiki’s 15 Minute Look

  1. A Clean Face. Whats the purpose of putting makeup on your caked up dirty face!? exactly, NONE! So start with a clean canvas. I use a Clarisonic with a deep pore brush to cleanse my face with Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint soap.  I love the tingle! Check out Ulta‘s 21 days of beauty sale, day 18 will be a sale on Clarisonic! you’re welcome.
  2. Moisture. It’s winter time and my skin is extremely dry and eczema ridden so I moisturize with a shea butter mixture with an essential oil from Hairzon Beauty Bar. The heavier creme does wonder without clogging up my pores! check them out for your customized shea butter mix.
  3. Primer. Trying out a sampler of The POREfessional Matte Rescue Gel from Sephora. Its a gel primer that helps with oily skin. So far, so good.
  4.  Color Corrector. MakeUp Forever Camouflage creme Palette  corrects with those dark circles under your eyes and blemishes.  I think i am going to try
  5. Foundation. New to the foundation game, I’ve decided to try out Make Up Forever HD in shade 177.  It’s definitely light weight and gives a smooth finish. I’m a fan!
  6. Concealer. Mixing high end with drugstore… L.A. Girl Pro Concealer does a decent job but I think my under eye bags may require a higher end concealer. Good basic piece.
  7. Setting Powder. Toggling between HD pressed powder and Cover FX Matter Setting Powder in “Deep.” I am leaning towards the Cover FX, to me it compliments the foundation instead of just sitting on top of it. 12834620_10206864452504760_1733734007_n


  1. Eye Shadow PrimerSephora Eye Primer
  2. Eye ShadowUrban Decay Naked 3. love this palette for a slight sparkle/glam natural look.
  3. Eye LinerStila Waterproof liquid eyeliner
  4. Mascara. To add dramatics and curl Eyeko Mascara “Black”1058332_10206864452664764_973757193_n


  1. Lip PrimerToo Faced Glossy Lip Primer
  2. Lippie. I mean, who doesn’t love and own a ton of NYX lippies!? I’m rockin NYX Chocolate Crepe Intense Butter Gloss here. 12825453_10206864452704765_2022455174_n

It seems like a lot because of the steps but it really isn’t.  Remember we are leaving out the steps of brow sculpting,lip liner and blush. This was definitely a rush job but as I told you in the beginning… I AM NOT AN EXPERT... my goal is to look alive but not dragish remember?? We are all learning together, and that’s alright….So here is the final product.

Ain’t she cute?!



My next makeup task is to incorporate a hydrating eye cream in my routine to help out on those Coach bags under my eyes and learn the art of brow shaping.  By the next beginner makeup post, these steps will be perfected included.

But since i just started working on my routine a week or so ago, I think I did a decent job. And like most things in life you just have to keep practicing and trying until you succeed.  I mean really, Manny Mua was not built in a day people!


What are some areas in your makeup/beauty routine you would like to work on or learn more about?

Until next time, live F.A.B with no regrets!

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