Beauty | Ohhhhhh…So THAT’S How You Rock A Matte Lip?!

Written by: Sol

Hola Fabbies,

Whether you are a bonafide makeup junkie or just dippin’ your brush in the ‘waters of Lake Minnetonka’ {Purple Rain, anyone?}, chances are you are aware of the fact that matte lippies are ALL the rage right now!  Just about every beauty brand on the market has presented a collection of matte lipsticks and glosses, with a variety of colors for all skin tones. The purpose of these lippies are for longer, lasting wear and to provide a more natural look to the overall makeup application. Gone are the days of greasy lips and ‘poppin’ lipgloss – Nowadays, matte is where it’s at!

In order to be able to rock a matte lip, there are a few things one must consider. Unlike it’s moisturizing counterparts, if you think wearing a matte lip is just a matter of buying, breaking open the package and applying the color, then you, my boo, are in for a RUDE awakening! No worries, tho – You know we gotcha! 🙂 Keep these three tips in mind to ensure that you ALWAYS rock your matte lips like a BOSS!

  1.  Throw A Pigment Party!

Well, not necessarily a real party, but you know what we mean! The first thing you want to do is pick a few different shades that are comparable to your complexion. Play around with different hues and pigments, to ensure that you are finding colors that are flattering to your skin and lip shape. A great lippie is like a great shoe – The right one makes your outfit SHINE!

**Note: Some matte pigments tend to look darker when they dry, so for darker lippies you may want to go a shade lighter if you don’t want that ‘monochromatic’ look, if you’re a choco-latte brown girl, like me! 🙂

nyx cosmetics

(Photo courtesy of: Instagram)

2.   Prime & Prep 

After you have picked out your colors and are ready to play, the next step is priming and prepping your lips for what is about to happen. Because matte lippies can be unforgiving in moisture, it’s important to ensure you lay the groundwork for your lips to be able to withstand that dryness. The best way to do it is to exfoliate and moisturize your lips before application.  There are a TON of lip exfoliates on the market, ranging from various functionalities and prices, but the one that I like {and am happy to spend the coin on} is this one from E.L.F. Cosmetics. It does a decent job at keeping my lips luscious and moisturized, all at the great price of $3.00! For my ‘Frugal Fannies’ who still feel like that’s a bit much, you can also take the D.I.Y route – mix some brown sugar and olive oil together, apply to lips for 3-5 minutes twice a week and VOILA – IT’S MOISTURE, BABY!

**Important Note: There is a misconception that exfoliation only needs to take place during the winter season – WRONG! Chapped lips are NEVER cute, no matter the weather so add this step to your yearlong grooming regimen and you will be good to go! 🙂


        3.  Line It Up and Rock It Out! 

The third step in rocking a matte lip like a BAWSE is by ensuring you have a BOMB lip liner to make your matte lip POPS! Now, if you already have luscious, luxurious lips then you can skip this step. However, there are those folk like myself who are ‘juicy deficient’ in the lip area… *shrug* What’s the best way to get a succulent pout? LIP LINER! My go-to liner right now is ‘Night Moth’ by MAC. I swear that sucka goes with EV-ER-Y-THING! However, there are tons of goods ones on the market, most much less expensive {I think I paid like $16 for it…}. The best place is start is in your local drugstore.  You just have to play around and see which one goes best with your lippie selection.


And there you have it! Once you nail down these three pointers, you will be able to rock a delicious matte lip and look good while doing it – Much like the cutie below! That’s ColourPop ‘Chili Chill’ on my lip…She cute, right?!




Until next time, live F.A.B. with no regrets!

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