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Written by Kiki:

Aloha Fabbies,

I know we all enjoy a lil alone time with ourselves or our sweetie pie here and there, but nothing really compares to some good ole QT with your girls.  This is a time when we can get together and let our hair and worries down, cut up, laugh and just kick it. And when you all get cute and hit the town, beware for trouble… but the good kind of course*smirk*

Well, Hairizon in Northgate mall allowed my girls and I this opportunity at their most recent “Girls Night In” event and we really enjoyed ourselves.  The event was free and hosted in their new location at Northgate mall but I have heard the next one will be at a much larger location.  Ticket purchase was not required but you did have to register to reserve your spot. I attended the events with my girlfriends, Tenisha and Preshus.  When we arrived, attendees were literally spilling out into the mall walkways. It was a packed house!!


When we arrived, we signed in at the registration table and entered into a few free drawings…I mean who doesn’t like free stuff!? 

We walked into the venue and met with a room filled with conversations and laugher. Which is the best because I hate attending an event and the room is stuffy and dull. Great atmosphere …Check! There were a few familiar faces I saw, but also I mingled and met a few new ones. A lot of the women were Bull(Durham) city based and even though we are less than 20 minutes away, it feels like a completely different world and community….new networking opportunities…Check!


There were also some new vendors on location introducing their brand to attendees…. Lets be honest, you know you are tired of seeing the same ole brands at events.

Taylormayde was in attendence with her vibrant and super stylish clutches.

Taylormayde Clutches

Fellow Girlboss ran and smooth tasting Mystic Bourbon Liqueur had all the girls feeling quite easy like Sunday morning with samples of their NC homegrown bourbon.  They even provided sangria options for those light weights(Tenisha!) and their bourbon is made with real honey! They are also sold in local ABC stores.

Mystic Bourbon Liqueur

And what goes best with bourbon???? Cupcakes, of course! And Sinful Delights Cupcakes surely delivered. I knew owner, Makeda, from social media( don’t act like ya’ll don’t know what that means… to be social media acquainted lol) and she was as much of a delight in person as she is online… and those cupcakes…. MANNNNNNNN make you slap momma, daddy, grandma and lil baby Susie… they are the business and she infused them with the Mystic bourbon. whew chile… ya’ll know I came home with a pack right?! Cupcaked infused with bourbon… Double Check!!

Sinful Delights Cupcakes

There was also an awesome Chocolate vendor in attendance. and our foodie boos, Indulge Catering provided some finger food treats.


For the beauty enthusiasts, there were quite a few stations to catch your eye, and dollar. Adra Campbell, representing Moni B Cosmetics had a line wrapped around the corner, providing live lippie makeup tutorials on attendees. Literally, there was a line for the entire evening. She even had lippies on hand for purchase. There was a purple/glitter perfection everyone was after we renamed “Party Time.” Unfortunately, they were all out by the time I made it through… but next time baby.. you’re mine!

Polished by Sherrica offered complimentary manicures for attendees for fresh Spring nail looks. And Hairizon offered free samples of their Beauty Bar. To me, this is what makes this establishment so unique. In their beauty bar, they offer such services as customized shea butter mixed with your oil(s) of choice or essential oil mixtures. They even advise you what works best for dry skin, scalp, eczema,etc. Do yourself a favor and visit their beauty bar… like right now!

12805739_1319867084695134_3859104903590471131_n (1)

Overall, it was a great event with the energy, the diversity, the buys, and just awesomeness. and it was free! You can’t beat that. Mix that in with cutting up with your girlfriends and meeting new ones, equals priceless!  I’m not sure when the next one will be, but you will definitely see by Kikisol there!



Until next time: Live F.A.B. with no regrets!

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What are some events you and your girlfriends like to do for Girls Night?

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