Girl Talk | Bleeding Purple: How Prince Taught Me To Dress My Curves

Written by: Sol

Hola Fabbies!

Last Thursday the world – nah, scratch that – the EARTH suffered a devastating loss with the untimely passing of Prince.  Dealing with this has been no easy feat for us true Prince fans, as this blow felt like the death of an era. Prince was a shimmery piece of fabric in a musical quilt that had been threaded throughout our entire lives.  Dave Chappelle said it best when he described this event as ‘the black 9/11‘, in the sense that the amount of confusion and devastation that is associated with this loss is immeasurable. I’m honestly STILL trying to wrap my head around it….

However, in remembering Prince and all his glory, I couldn’t help but think about the inadvertent lessons he taught me throughout my lifetime.  There were the obvious ones of independence, as we ALL know that Prince marched to his own tune in life and could give two nano-squats about what anyone thought about it or him!! But Prince also taught me something else very valuable – Prince taught me how to dress my curves. {No seriously – he did!}  Here are five style lessons I learned from ‘The Purple One’:

  1.  Play off your greatest assets

It was no secret that Prince had the most mesmerizing eyes on the planet!  Everybody knew it – especially him – so what did he do? He did everything he could to attract the most attention to them! He lined them, adorned them with the most beautiful eyewear, kept his brows on fleek and put the ‘Smizing’ game on lock! Figuring out what your greatest assets are will not only make it easier to learn what looks good on and to you, but will help blow your confidence through the roof!



2.   Fit Is The **IT!

Word on the street is that Prince used to have a team of 10 tailors that would make alterations and custom pieces for his Purple Highness. If that’s true, then that explains why everything he wore fit his body to a tee! Prince only stood at 5’2″, which probably meant that he had difficulty finding pieces that fit his stature and style, much like us curvy girls! Instead of giving up and settling for an ill-fitting garment {or worse – giving up shopping altogether… *gasp*}, find a garment that can be tailored to fit your body.  This will not only guarantee a great fit, but that it will lay and SLAY where it needs to, much like the pic below – COME THRU WITH THE PAISLEY, PRINCE!



3.    Stretch It Out!!! 

What do we need to stretch? Our bodies! Or at least appear to do so..

Again, with Prince standing at 5’2″, he knew as a performer he couldn’t show up on nobody’s stage in flats! So what did he do? He switched up the game a little bit.  He threw on a pair of heels with some flares and ROCKED IT OUT! Not only did these heels ‘stretch’ his body, they also gave a leaner look, allowing him to have a nice, slender lines. Now, if you are like me and can’t walk in a pair of heels from here to the door, then don’t play yourself – Prince heels are NOT for us!  However, you should consider wedges. There are tons of comfy, plush sole wedges and nowadays you can even find a wedge sneaker – How ’bout that?


4.     Evolve Or Die! 

The most noted part of Prince’s career is that he was always evolving. You rarely saw the same Prince twice! Whether it was his hair, his outfit choices, his musical style or his overall persona, he was always finding new ways to recreate himself. He was the king of ‘I’m going to do it and if I don’t like it, I won’t do it anymore and I’ll do something else!’  His style was ever evolving. As we grow as people, our styles should do the same. If you find yourself in a style rut, pull a Prince –  get a new haircut, listen to some new music, switch up your makeup look – just do something different! I’m pretty sure the first time he put on a pair crush velvet pants with a blouse, it took some getting used to, but the more he wore it, he began to make it his own.  The key is –  he tried it!!


5.   Just Do YOU!

If you never learn anything else from the life of Prince, know that he ALWAYS did what he wanted to do! The last thing he was worried about was approval from other people.  This lesson resonated with me, as I had to learn to do the same. In the end, it’s about what makes YOU happy, as you’re the only one who has to answer for your choices. If you wake up tomorrow and decide that you want to dye your hair purple or you would like to rock a different color lippie, DO IT! Who knows – you might even like it! 🙂



Although Prince has transitioned to the ‘afterworld’, his influence and legacy will forever live on in the lives of byKikiSol.  He has taught us the true meaning of individuality and humanity.

Thank you, Prince, for teaching us that no matter how curvy, quiet, quirky, weird, skinny, eccentric or unique we are, we matter and we belong. May you rest in peace….   Now, ‘LET’S GO CRAZY’…with style! 😉

prince oscars


Until next time, Live F.A.B. with no regrets!

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