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Written by: Kiki

Aloha Fabbies,

Spring is here and summer is steadily approaching and that calls for Spring/Summer wardrobe revamping!!! **insert screams and running man** I am pretty excited at this as I have made it a personal mission this season to increase my style risk and step out of my comfort zone. Lets be honest, even as a stylist, sometimes I get bored with my closet and feel as if I have nothing to wear.

Determined to “spice” things up a bit, I created a style bucketlist (yes, it is a thing… make one! we will chat about it later). And one of the top items on the list was a romper!  Now if you are a bit unsure on what a romper is, its a one piece garment we use to rock in preschool but has now made a comeback and is a stable piece in any fashionistas’ closet. Needless to say, its been a minute since I’ve had one in my possession and I needed it NOW! But the dilemma, as usual, was finding one with the right fit and cut for my apple shaped size 24/26 body frame. So when Project Runway winner, Ashley Nell Tipton and JCPenney partnered together on the Boutique+  brand and I saw this ad with the romper included, purchasing it was a must!


The Boutique+ Woven Romper is sold both in store and online. Originally priced at $60.00( ummmmmm…..) online the romper is currently on sale for 40% at 35.99 and in store ringing up at $25.00. The sizing ranges from OX to 5X, which allows all sizes of plus to join in the action.

13150082_10207317082380224_219004581_n (1)

I instantly fell in love with the romper when I put it on. I purchased a size 3X, hoping and praying it wouldn’t be too small or tight. I was not disappointed! It fit just like a glove and laid nicely in certain areas and let out just enough in others. No stomach clingingness, back roll formation or massive thigh exposure. This romper was designed to perfection.


I wore the romper to the #aocfest2016. Its a music festival in Durham, NC  that involves lots of activity but also a lot of networking with other creative brands.  My intensions was to wear something comfortable but showcased my personal style and easily can go from day to night.  This romper does just that! And paired with black oxfords, fedora, wooden earrings from a local vendor and stunner shades and it’s a wrap!


I  would recommend anyone in the market for a romper or something different, to purchase this piece.  And it goes up to a 5X!!! The romper is  quite flattering to the midsection as the attached belt defines the waist and the v-neckline creates a pretty sexy neck action which causes this sultry,bohemian fatale thing to occur ….. flattering midsection + sexy neckline= WINNING!!!

Boutique+ Woven Romper(here)

Whats on your Style Bucket List for Summer 16?

Until next time, Live F.A.B. with no regrets!

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