bykStyle | Say Yes To The {Plus Sized} Dress: The Truth About Curvy Wedding Dress Shopping

Written by: Sol

Hola Fabbies!

There are three things that super excite me about Spring: 1) Warm weather {of course!}, 2) Frozen sweet treats {Truth moment: I could go for a Mai Tai Snoball like, RIGHT NOW!} and 3) the kickoff of WEDDING SEASON!

Nothing gives me the feels than seeing a beautiful wedding, complete with outdoor themes, bright flowers, and misty-eyed brides marrying the loves of their life! *le sigh* I was one of those beautiful brides two years ago and I have to tell you – I enjoyed every step of wedding planning except one: Choosing a wedding dress.

Now don’t get it twisted – It wasn’t the fact that I didn’t want to choose a dress. I mean, this WAS my wedding day! You know? The day ordained by the wedding gods for me to look and feel GAWJESS from head to toe, to the point where guests were gasping, gawking and losing their breath at the very sight of yours truly! Oh yeah – they were checking my boo, too…But mostly me.  *insert large grin*

Like most brides, I had this prospective vision of what I wanted my dress to look like. With this in mind, I set out on a quest for the ‘perfect dress’ to fit my size 24 curves.  However, due to lack of options and variety, rejection met me at the door SEVERAL times like:

After countless hours, days and weeks of searching, I finally said ‘Yes To The Dress’, but it wasn’t until I learned a few key things that I was able to do so! If you are a curvy bride-to-be, here are three tips {in no particular order} to remember when dress shopping for your plus-size wedding dress:


First of all, it is important that you understand that wedding dress sizes are different from your normal dress sizes. Wedding dress sizes vary by designer, fabric and style – and most run small.  There is little to NO give in a wedding dress, so if you are used to buying a size down in your dresses for a more form-fitting look, don’t play yourself. Depending on your size, shape and dress style, you may have to purchase up to FOUR dress sizes for fit. Although I wear a size 24, I had to order a size 30 wedding dress and have it tailored to fit my body… Yeah, it’s that serious!


So here’s the thing: If you’re not a shopper by nature but want to get married, then you may as well start praying to the unicorn gods of WeddingLand right now for patience and understanding because you’re going to need it! Why? The chances of you walking in a bridal store/boutique, scouring the first rack and finding your first dress are slim to NON EXISTENT! Finding ‘the dress’ takes time and patience. You’re going to have to look and try on different styles to see what looks and feels right.  You may even have to schedule a return appointment {or two..or five!}, just in case you missed something the first time. It may appear taxing, but once you’ve find it, trust – the feeling is immeasurable!


In my mind, my wedding dress was going to be a simple, floor length cream dress with floral applique and sleeveless, much like the Eugenia dress by IGIGI. I was going to wear matching flowers in my locs and a simple stone necklace. When I tell you my actual dress was SO far from that, I am not even playing! This came to be after failed attempts to find a dress I liked in my size. I began to open my mind to other options, not realizing that this was a blessing in disguise.  Not even on my best day could you get me to try on a strapless ANYTHING, but I did, I loved it and it ended up being my wedding dress. Moral of the story – open your mind to various dress styles. You might like it! Or in my case, love it! 🙂

Dress shopping for your curvy body can be a daunting task, depending on who you are.  But once you find that dress that makes your inner princess shine from within, it will make every moment of anxiety, irritation, and frustration worth it and more! Start early and ENJOY the process. And to all of my curvy bride-to-be’s, Congratulations and Happy Wedding! *blows kisses + air bumps*


Until next time, live F.A.B with no regrets!

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