Out and About | Swap ‘N Shop Style (Featuring Kenyatta Johnson)

Written by: Kiki

Aloha lovelies,

 The Curvy Exchange:Swap.Shop.Social is just around the corner, taking place on August 27 in Greensboro, NC and we are extremely excited, to say the least! Now, if you are new to the concept of the #CurvyXnc, then here are the basics on how this interactive shopping experience works for the 14+ community:

~ Bring 5-10 carefully selected clothing items.

~ Get a ticket for each item you bring.

~ Swap til you drop!!

 Sounds pretty great, right!?


What we wanted to do before the TCE: Triad Edition takes place was feature previous attendees and let them share their experiences and stylings that was found on their exchange journey. I mean, if we are TELLING you why you need to attend The Curvy Exchange, then we need to  also be able to SHOW you as well, right?


First up, Ms. Kenyatta Johnson – entrepreneur extraordinaire, CEO and Founder of companies such as  I Rock my Curves the Best and My Sweet Skin, just to name a few. She took a few moments out of her busy schedule to share her experience at The Curvy Exchange.

What was your favorite item found at The Curvy Exchange?

Kenyatta: I had a great time at the swap! I found some super cute retro sunglasses! They were really great.

How satisfied were you with the event? (Entertainment, Vendors, Locations, etc):

Kenyatta: The vendors were great. I purchased a few items from a couple different ones. The Location was perfect. I drove from GSO, so Cary was a great mid-way travel point.

 Would you suggest The Curvy Exchange to a newcomer and if so, why?

Kenyatta: Absolutely! One word of advice – If you are new to the swap, bring as many items as possible! Reason being, it will be one item you are short and then you have to decide what to put back! Also, dress super cute and bring your business cards – there’s ton of networking opportunities. Happy swapping!

We are so happy that Kenyatta enjoyed her experience at The Curvy Exchange and we look forward to seeing her again on 8.27! Besides Lady K being in the building, you already know there will be other curvy cuties, Blogger baes, and of course, us!

Don’t miss out and hear about it later – get your tickets today!

Need more info before you buy your tix? No worries –> http://ow.ly/iQKE302WMgZ <–

Oh! And for our swappers that want ‘first dibs’ in the swap boutique? Check out our VIP tickets!! They are also on sale and come with a FREE BKS tote, full of goodies!!

See you on the 27th!!!



Until next time, live F.A.B with no regrets!

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