Out and About | Swap n’Shop Style with Tenisha Gilmore

Written by: Kiki

Aloha lovelies,

 The Curvy Exchange:Swap.Shop.Social is our signature shopping event and pretty bomb, to say the least! Now, if you are new to the concept of the #CurvyXnc, then here are the basics on how this interactive shopping experience works for the 14+ community:

~ Bring 5-10 carefully selected clothing items.

~ Get a ticket for each item you bring.

~ Swap til you drop!!

Sounds pretty great, right!?


Excited yet!? Cause we are! Last week, Kenyatta Johnson shared with us her experiences at the Curvy Exchange. This week blogger, mommy mogul and pageant director girlboss, Tenisha Gilmore is speaking with us about her time in the swap boutique. She not only attended the Curvy Exchange but worked as our Media press for the event and covered it on her blog, Tenisha Jonece.

Gold heels from the Curvy Exchange 

What was your favorite item found at the curvy ex?

Tenisha: It’s hard to choose. I have the Golden heels, the blue high low top, a green skirt, my Coach sneakers… now I remember why I never answered these questions.

How satisfied were you with the event? (Entertainment, Vendors, Locations, etc):

Tenisha: It’s hard to pick a favorite. Last year’s Curvy Exchange let me find new boutiques and foods. Thumbs up to the popcorn. I love that it was a social event, and it makes for a great day with friends.

Would I suggest the Curvy Exchange to a newcomer?

I already have. I do every time I meet a new curvy! I give them my info so I can point them to by KikiSol, JUST FOR THIS EVENT. The CurvyEx is a place for fashionable women to realize, hey… I’m not alone! It feels great to know that, that kind of support and community is available.

Tenisha in styling pieces found at the Curvy Exchange.


We are happy Tenisha enjoyed herself at the Curvy Exchange. And yes, the popcorn was am-ah-zing! shout out to Always Poppin… If you want to get the Curvy Exchange: Swap.Shop.Social experience, stay on the lookout for the next one! Its kinda..really that dope!

Until next time, live F.A.B with no regrets!

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 Whats the next city the Curvy Exchange: Swap n’ Shop should be hosted in?

What Say You? Share it below!

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