LifeStyle | Why Your Friends Don’t Care About Your Business

Written by: Kiki

Aloha Fabbie!

So you’re an entrepreneur, huh? You’ve finally found a passion for doing something… for blogging, coaching, creating. Whatever it is you do, you’ve jumped head first into this thing called entrepreneurship…. GREAT! Now here comes the fun part – your friends and family don’t give a damn about your “building” process of your business.

Don’t get me wrong –  they love you and are truly proud of the leaps you have made into this new adventure –  but honestly they don’t understand the process. And in their heads, you’re just working on your “little project,” playing around.

To them, entrepreneurship looks like this…..


Where in reality its more like this….


Late nights, early mornings (but not in that Marsha Ambrosius, scented candles kinda way) is the name of the game and yes, it scares us shitless, but we keep on because we know the cost of the grind. We accept it and are determined to conquer it!

In this journey, you must come to terms with the fact that everyone is not going to “get” it and you shouldn’t waste your time trying to make them. It’s not your job! Your job is to pursue your dreams and excel in all you do. Get it? Got it? Good!

So how can you do that and not look to your friends and family to understand every move you make? Easy, by keeping the following three things in mind:.

1. Work does not end when you leave the “9-5”

So you have put in your work time for “The Man and you are beyond exhausted. The last thing you can think about is reading another email or making another decision but guess what …… YOU. HAVE. NO.CHOICE. After supporting someone else’s dream for 8+ hours, now its time to build yours and that takes work.. and long hours. So the next time your friends ask what your happy hour plans are and you respond, “Working,”, prepare for the shade and awkward glares.

2. Most social outings are an opportunity to market your business

Whether you are out at the local grocery store or at the monthly HOA meeting, every outing is an opportunity to market your business and network – and it is your God given right to do just that! Just know that if you are hanging with me, expect for the business cards to be on deck and my 30 second pitch to be effortless. And as my friend, I expect for you to be my personal business hype man. In other words, you better Flava Flav that ish…


3. Every picture has a purpose.

Now this one is dear to my heart.

I am that friend, cousin, daughter,coworker,  who demands expects a photo session to take place at a moment’s notice and if your tribe is anything like mine, this request gets met with reluctancy 99% of the time {But do I care? NOPE.} They see it as the highest level of vanity and I see it as content for a week.  What your friends and family don’t realize IS each picture is a marketing attempt to increase your reach and social media presence. It’s providing a visual voice to your brand. Each picture has a purpose dammit! LOL

P.S. The perfect combo is to find a friend who moonlights as an amateur photographer and is more then eager to snap a few shoots.  You will build your content and they will develop their skills…. Can you say Double Win?

Whether its snapping a picture or a word of encouragement, any support provided to a visionary is appreciated.  It’s not easy exposing your dreams to the world, so to the non-Girl bosses and gents that do support us, we thank you for all you do!



Until next time, live F.A.B. with NO regrets!


6 thoughts on “LifeStyle | Why Your Friends Don’t Care About Your Business

    1. And in their defense, they don’t get it.. They don’t understand what goes into the process of being “successful” just as I don’t understand the process of being an Olympic runner lol and once we understand that, we will stop expecting that type of support/understanding


  1. Wow! I loved this post. All of it is just simply so true. I know there are people who don’t quite understand what I’m doing, but I no longer expect them to. I just keep grinding and use every opportunity I can as a networking opportunity. You never know who you will meet while you’re out!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. so very true! part of the truth is not expecting it any longer. you have to focus on the goal and your vision. and yes you never know who you will meet and what connections will be made.


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