bykstyle | Sayonora, Summer :: Three Must-Haves To Transition Your Summer-Fall Wardrobe

Written by: Sol

#AllSumma16 is coming to an end, y’all… *insert long face* I know – I DON’T THINK I’M READY!!

With personal triumphs like moving into our new living space, to professional triumphs such as attending this year’s TCF Style Expo in Atlanta, this summer was definitely one for the books! Okay, we’ll just call it what it is – #bykFabSummer16 was LIT!!!


The one thing about this summer {and every other summer, for that matter!} that we hate to see go is the fashion.  Gone are the days of maxi dresses, denim shorts, sleeveless shirts and flowy tops… Or so you think!

The beauty in this transitioning weather is that you don’t have to put all of your summer duds away! Here are three must-haves that your closet needs to transition your wardrobe from Summer to Fall effortlessly!

  •        Cardigan Sweaters – Cardigans or ‘cardis’ are a definite must-have when it comes to transitioning wardrobes. These effortless additions are versatile and come in various shapes, styles, colors and prints. I love to add cardigans to everything, from jeans to work wear and they add a pop to every. single. look! Some of my favorite cardigans are here, herehere… Ooh! And here!
  •        Printed Tights – It’s funny… As a young girl, I hated to wear tights. Like… HATED.  With a passion.  Mostly, it was because I was so short and I just found them to be ill-fitting. Well, today I’m happy to say that those days are LONG gone!If you didn’t know, printed tights are the shizz!! Plus, they are essential for transitioning a wardrobe for the cooler months.  Short dresses, skirts, rompers, and even crop/capri pants can be worn year-long, just by adding a cute print tight! Now, I’ll be honest – Depending on thigh thickness and leg height, finding a good print tight MAY be challenging, but not impossible.  You just have to do a little research before you find your match, but check here, here, and here for great starting points!
  •       Ankle Booties – Booties are THE must-have shoe when transitioning a wardrobe. These cuties come in a variety of colors, heel heights, and styles and can be added to any outfit to give the ‘look’ of Fall.  These puppies can be worn with anything from jeans to maxis and can be worn virtually anywhere! In other words, if you ain’t on, GET ON!!  Need a little shoe-spiration? Start here…Oh! And go here, too!

Even though I love Summer, I am low-key hype about Fall fashion. BUT, before we get all warm and fuzzy, here’s a look back at some of our favorite Summer looks.  Consider this our ‘One Last Cry‘ before we say Sayonara, Summer… {Be sure to scroll slow and let the song play in the background so you can get the full effect…LOL}





Which look from #bykFabSummer16 was YOUR favorite? Leave a comment below and let us know!


Until next time, live F.A.B. with no regrets!

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