Trendwatch | 5 Fall Lippies You Need In Your Makeup Bag NOW!!

Written by: Sol

Hey Fab Girl Hey!

So, check this out – I have love for all seasons, but for me Fall is where it’s at. And although the colored leaves, crisp air, and ‘Pumpkin-Palooza’ is enough to go on, none of that is the reason why.  Truth is, Fall is my favorite because – you guessed it! –  beauty and fashion!

If your life is anything like mine, you don’t always have the time {or the interest} to cake, bake and beat your face into submission every morning. Sometimes you have just enough time to get dressed and get out the door in time! On days like this, it’s only right to activate your ‘go-to’ routine. Mine? Lipstick.

Here are five Fall-inspired, all-tone-friendly lippies that are staples in my makeup bag – and if you know what’s good, you’ll add them to yours too!


  1. Ruby Woo by Mac 

Image result for mac cosmetics ruby woo

Okay – so here’s the thing: Being a brown girl, it can be kinda difficult to find a ‘YES’ red lip! Most tones either don’t work well with my yellow undertone pigmentation so they are TOO bright; others aren’t pigmented enough, so it looks like I have Popsicle lips {and not the good kind!}; and the rest are just not flattering at all.

But when I tell you that Ruby Woo is far from any of that! Not only does she look great with various skin tones, she is super moisturizing and has a beautiful, versatile hue that can be worn from the club to the gala.  She has been a staple in my bag for years and I don’t see our affair ending any time soon! If you are in the market to try a red lip, I suggest you start with Ms. Ruby…She won’t let you down! 🙂


2. Spite by Mac

Image result for mac cosmetics spite

I promise this is not a Mac-sponsored post, but they just happen to have a great variety of products that work for everyone!

In my search for an ‘everyday’ lippie, I wanted something that was neutral enough to wear to work, but not so neutral that it would only blend and get lost.  For me, nude lippies are a staple, but sometimes I have to add a gloss so that the pigment can be noticed.  Well, with Mac’s Spite Lipglass, I was able to kill both of those birds with one stone!  This Lipglass is perfect because not only is it long-lasting {As long as you don’t eat or drink anything!}, but it’s just a beautiful natural shade! Plus, beige/nude lippies are on trend for Fall 2016, so you can look stylish and trendy, with little to no effort!

Wanna up the ante? Pair this puppy with Baab Beauty’s Raisin lip pencil and you have an Autumn pout that is ready for just about anything!

3. Deepest Cherry by Maybelline 

Image result for maybelline color sensational deepest cherry

So I realize that I have sang the praises of Mac in the previous posts, but let’s be clear – when it comes to pigments and moisture, Maybelline is one of {if not THE!} the top contenders. I have seen some of the most beautiful shades of lippies produced by this brand and it doesn’t seem like they are stopping! Have you seen this shade yet? GAWJESS!! But I digress…

This shade, Deepest Cherry, is one of the prettiest, most richest berry shades I have seen in a drugstore brand.  This hue is the perfect mix of a berry shade with a sheen and just SCREAMS Fall! This lippie is perfection for date night with the boo or coffee with the girls! When I wear it, I usually wear it bare, but it can easily pair with a beautiful liner to give an even fuller look!

4. Vamp It Up by Wet ‘N Wild

Image result for wet n wild vamp it up

Fall and vampy lips go together like macaroni and cheese – a match made in heaven! If you have never tried a vampy lip before, you are missing out on all the fun, girl! Always associated with vampires and goths, dark lips were given a bad rep for a very long time. Many people shied away from because of the negative connotation associated with them.  Well, let me put your mind at ease – This is SOOOO far from the truth! Matter of fact, some people actually prefer to wear a dark lip, as it is now associated with style and trendier wear –  SO HOW ABOUT THEM APPLES?

Figuring out which vamp lippie to highlight was difficult for me, just because I have so many and I didn’t know which one to share. But once I thought about it, I knew this baby right here was the move! Vamp It Up is one of the best vampy lips on the market today.  This beautiful deep purple lippie is a dead ringer for Mac’s Cyber and is about $15.00 cheaper! Truth is, that’s how I came to meet this beauty. I fell in love with Cyber, didn’t love the price tag, took to the blogs and TA-DA… Our love affair was born!

The thing I love most about this lippie is that it is dark brown girl friendly and the deeper the tone, the better it looks! #DoubleWinning

5. Copenhagen by NYX 

Image result for nyx copenhagen

Writing a piece on lippies and not mentioning NYX is like writing an article on successful business and not mentioning Oprah… The sh*t ain’t right!

NYX is a leader in beautiful, trendsetting and affordable beauty items.  I use a bevy of their products from their tinted moisturizers, lip crayons, liners and of course, lipsticks! Their matte lip cream line is something that EVERY girl needs in her life and the color she needs is Copenhangen! When this lippie dropped a couple years back, I was one of those people who was on the hunt for this and Transylvania {another beautiful color!} and when I finally found them, it was like Christmas in September! These hues are perfect for Fall and look great on every skin tone.  When you pick these up, also be sure to grab a couple of their lip pencils from their ‘Simply’ line…That Simply Vamp and Simply Red…?? BEAUTIFUL!

So, there you have it… My suggestions for Fall lippie must-haves! Got a fave that didn’t make the list? Share below and let us know!

Until next time, live F.A.B. with no regrets!

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