Girl Talk | Words of Encouragement in Girlbosshood

Written by: Kiki

Aloha Fabbies,

Do you know what yesterday was? … it was OUR ANNIVERSARY!!  ** cue Tony Toni Tone**  That’s right good people, two years ago, by KikiSol launched officially into the business arena ready to style the world one fashionable piece at a time and to celebrate the plus size community. And since then, not only are we still working towards those dreams but we have also gained a few more and changed a ton, in the process.


So what has contributed to our motivation to keep going on two years later!? Surely, it’s not the sleepless nights and missed family engagements…. or even the fight to stay creative and original in a world filled with copies and duplicates…NOPE! none of that….its more along the lines of the experience we gain and the lives we touch in the process that keeps us going. This is what fuels our fire and pushes us to strive to bring ya’ll the dopest of the dope!

What I have come across in my journey of girlbosshood is to surround myself with positivity. This means in the form of  the people and brands I associate with, my actions, and my daily social media intake. And lets be honest, the world wide web can be down right depressing at times….and to combat that, I use motivation quotes!  Daily inspirations in the form of motivation quotes help me get through the work day and slay my goal list! So I am sharing with you a few of my favorite quotes that have guided me on the road called entrepreneurship and nuggets of inspiration.

5 Favorite GirlBoss quotes 


  1. In the past two years, I’ve learned there is strength in numbers. A tribe is a great source of energy and support… I mean, who couldn’t use a Taraji, right !? These women will be the ones you will vent to, run ideas through, will bring you back to reality when needed and will also be some of your biggest supporters when you win and fail.purpose
  2. WHAT ARE YOU DOING THIS FOR!? I have learned this is a question you will ask yourself continuously in your journey… and sometimes you will have the answer and sometimes you won’t…. but you have to find it! The “why” leads to the “who” “what” “when” and will help you figure out your purpose as a girlboss and your brand.


3. BUDGET!!! it takes money to make money and you can’t be balling out of control when you are building a brand. You must readjust your financial lifestyle to support your future dreams. So instead of buying those new pair of boots(girl… I know.. I get it) the money should be put into your brand such as marketing, graphic design, licensing, savings etc. In the long run, it’s worth… believe me!


4. Being a girlboss can also be known as being a daredevil because there will be quite a few times you will have to take that leap over the cliff and a successful landing is not always guaranteed. Ish gets real in the entrepreneur world and failure is always a potential result  There may be a collaboration that fell through or an event you had to cancel due to lack of interest or on the flip side there could be a corporate sponsorship offered or a goal obtained. BUT the only way for you to see the outcome, you first jump and TAKE.THE.RISK


5. Growth is an essential virtue in a girlboss. She should always be growing her business and personal mind. A girl boss can not be stagnant and underdeveloped.  Tools I use to do such is listening in on forums such as Periscope and podcast. My favorite Girlbosses on there are Mattieologie and Fabiola Giordani.  They are experts in their fields and provide amazing nuggets on brand building. Listening to their daily teachings has been great as a brand builder because they have opened my eyes to factors I have not considered before and they have been helpful in pursuing my growth as an entrepreneur.

As a stylist and blogger, I schedule style research sessions, where I collect the latest publications such as Vogue and StyleWatch, and become familiar with the latest trends in style and fashion.  This is a regular practice I have found to be helpful and insightful for myself and business.

I hope you found my words of encouragement to be helpful to you in your journey where ever you may be. And much like a marriage, a business anniversary is a time to celebrate, reflect, and move forward. Each accomplishment, each year, is a step towards your true calling.. So from me to you, we got this! and yes, I know, its hard and sometimes uncertain, but guess what…. it is soooooo worth it! you just have to keep on it and stay motivated!

Until next time: Live F.A.B. with no regrets!

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What are some of your go to quotes for motivation and inspiration in your Girlboss journey? 

What Say You? Share it below!

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