bykStyle | I Think Pink… And Why You Should Too!

Written by: Sol

Hey, Fab girl, heyyyyyy!

Although I’m a November baby {November 10th, Woot! Woot! }, October is one of my favorite months.  Two of the many reasons is because that’s my love’s birth month {Awwwww!!!} and because it’s breast cancer awareness month.  Breast cancer is a disease that affects thousands of women, men and families every year.  So much so, that about 1 in 8 U.S. women — 12% — will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime… 1 in 8!!

Some other facts about breast cancer : (Source:

  • For women in the United States, breast cancer death rates are higher than death rates for any other type of cancer, besides lung cancer.
  • In women under 45, breast cancer is more common in African-American women than white women. Overall, African-American women are more likely to die of breast cancer. For Asian, Hispanic, and Native-American women, the risk of developing and dying from breast cancer is lower.
  • A woman’s risk of breast cancer nearly doubles if she has a first-degree relative (mother, sister, daughter) who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

I was first introduced to this disease in January 2012, when my mother was diagnosed and again through a friend’s diagnosis in August 2015. It was through their journeys that I began to educate myself on the disease and gain a better understanding on how it affects the body.  It was also through them that I better understood the saying ‘You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have.‘ In addition to the physical and emotion changes that took place in their bodies, the strength it took for numerous trips to the oncologist, chemo, radiation, and infusion treatment was a challenge, not to mention going to work, raising kids, tending to spouses and just LIFE!

To honor my mom, friend and all the other ‘BCB’s {Breast Cancer Beauties} of the world, I’ve been rocking my pink {in some way, shape, or form} all month in my wardrobe. One of my favorite “pink” items that I’ve rocked like four times this month already (True Life!) is this cute pullover sweater that I purchased clearance at my local Cato store.  Girl! When I tell you that this thing goes with EVERYTHING, I mean it – Ev. Er. Y. Thing!!!

For this look, I paired it with my distressed boyfriend jeans that I got from – you guessed it! – THE THRIFT STORE! Wanna know what the bigger gag is? They’re from Old Navy and they fit like a glove! *insert happy dance* Don’t act like y’all don’t know how Old Navy’s sizing be trippin’ sometimes – This is a joyous occasion!



Nothing helps transition a wardrobe better than adding fall pieces into the look.  With this sweater, I added this beautiful, camel colored Merona bag that I got from Target about two years ago.  I love this bag! It holds damn near everything I own and has managed to still keep it’s shape and color through it all! I guess you can say this bag is a ‘Survivor’, too! *insert ‘Destiny’s Child here*

Breast cancer can be a scary thing.  I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like to face this fate and still live a ‘normal’ life, but there are those who have and who do. It’s because of them that I rock my pink with pride and want you to do the same!! I am encouraging all of our girls out there in BKS Land to start thinking about your own health.  It’s never to early to begin self-examination or talking to your doctor about detection methods.

Not sure where to start? Click here to learn more about early detection and self breast exams and let’s fight together to kick cancer’s ass FOREVER!

Until next time, live F.A.B with no regrets!

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