bykstyle | TrendWatch: Fashion to Figure Denim Review

Written by: Kiki

Aloha Fabbies,

Now if you are anything like us, then you are obsessed in love with a great pair of jeans….. but locating them is almost has easy as  finding the right partner or 800 credit score or a three headed unicorn….yep, that hard folks! few and far in between…. But like most incredible things, once found, they are prized possessions…..FOR LIFE!

For the size 22+ plus diva, the feeling is intensified, especially if she has a full midsection. I mean lets be honest EVERY style of denim is not meant to go with this thang we call a”gut.” It can be down right frightening the tug a war struggle that goes into trying to fit all your lovely lady lumps into some low rise jeans.  So in our hunt to find the “perfect pair of jeans” for plus size, we have come across Fashion to Figure Denim.  And lets just say the fit gives us LIFE!





Sol rocked a pair of boyfriend jeans from Fashion to Figure.  Boyfriend jeans are known for their comfortable and loose fit. Great choice if you are going for a casual, chic look to pair with a super cute cardi and graphic tee.  Because of the loose fit, we would suggest sizing down to avoid the jeans looking “saggy.” Sol is rocking a size 26 but easily could fit into a size 22/24. The boyfriend provides the room needed when going for comfortable & chic!




No Love Lost tank :{here}

Boyfriend jeans: {here}

Sunglasses: {here}



Kiki is werking a pair of jeggings from Fashion to Figure.  Now jeggings can be an apple shaped divas BFF.  The elastic waistline saves many lives and the stretch is just want the doctor ordered.  (PS: Jeggings are a great wear for thanksgiving dinner….hey, you got to be prepared, right). There was not a tug a war battle when putting on and the material was a thick enough where it did not highlight all and every dimple.

Kiki is wearing a size 3 in the denim wash jeggings and they are totally true to size with stretch appeal… and even provides the illusion of a booty for those of us who were not “blessed” royally… (in big Freedia voice….You already know… you need to grab you a pair or 10!



Striped peplum{ Similar}:here

Denim Jeggings {here}

Necklace: {Similar} here

We definitely recommend you try the Fashion to Figure denim collection.  They have styles ranging from skinny jeans to classic bootcut.  And while shopping, keep in mind our 3 rules when looking for the right denim jeans :

1) Select a style fit that fits YOUR body ( bootcut, skinny, jegging, boyfriend, straight,etc)

2) Stretch is your best friend!

3) Switch up your style with different fits and shades of denim… have fun with it!

Happy Denim shopping!


Until next time: Live F.A.B. with no regrets!

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