Out and About | Halloween fun at The Muse Masquerade

Written by: Kiki

Happy Halloween Fabbies!

Yep! it’s Halloween ya’ll and if you are anything like us, then you are overdosing indulging in some candy and recapping on this past weekend’s adventures and costumes.  I mean, how can you not like a day where you spend the entire day dressed up and living out your greatest fantasy!?

We were actually lucky enough to begin our dress up festives a few weeks ago at The Carrack Art Gallery’s The Muse Masquerade fundraiser at 21c Durham Hotel.  We previously chatted with you fabbies on potential “What to wear” options to the event and now we get to discuss with you all the fashionable pieces we saw and the fun we had! Let’s GO!


The ladies of by KikiSol attended the Masquerade with our blogger boo, 24PlusStyle.  We decided to uber to the event because you never know where the night will take you and we like to be safe and prepared! We arrived at the venue, 21c hotel and we were greeted by the door men, who were quite friendly and dashing.  Apparently, by our attire, they knew we were here for the festives and directed us to the register table.  We gave the lovely Carrack volunteers our names and were escorted into a fantasy feather filled musical laced wonderworld!






The Muse Masquerade consist of a three-storied labyrinth of art and sound experiences provided by Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern, Culture Mill, Ginger Wagg & Wild Actions, and local dancers on  each floor.  Music and art were two main components of the masquerade and clearly the muse for this festive night.  In the main ballroom floor, the band played with a classic big band sound drifting the audience to a time of cabarets and smokey speakeasies.  Attendees danced and glaced the floor with their majestic aura as the waitstaff walked around with trays of delicious delights catered by 21c’s neighbor, Counting House.  An artistically staged photobooth was set up in the ballroom to providing a unique backdrop for group pictures and selfies… As bloggers, you know we were ALL over this, right!?






We eventually ventured to the vault where DJ Gemynii and Vespertine were spinning tunes ranging from Sylvester to the Internet and giving complete Marie Antoinette house party vibes fused with Soul Train body moving beats. WE.LIVE.FOR.ALL.THAT






The final stop on this mind blowing escapade was the 3rd floor.  There, we not only found a host of incredible musical and dance acts, but the breathtaking Dress Up, Speak Up collection. Take a look at a few selections from the exhibit we loved.

Ebony Patterson( Jamaican). Gully Godz in Conversations revised I,II,III, 2010. Wallpaper, fake flowers, bedazzled shoes, cinder blocks.
Titus Kaphar (American) An Icon for Destiny, 2015. Tar and oil on canvas


We even took a few candid shots with the exhibit, as well… *Insert shug* come on guys, you have known us long enough to know we take ANY & EVERY opportunity to produce a great picture!





Needless to say, the night was a success! It was filled with entertainment as soon as  we hit the door ranging from burlesque dancing, vinyl jams, aerial tricks, and drag performances.  We almost can’t imagine how the Carrack will be able to top this event…. but we can’t wait to see them try. And of course, your resident divas of all things fashionable  will be there to enjoy it and search from some of the best dress looks!

We hope you will do yourself a favor and be there in 2017! It is a can’t miss event! Now, let us share with you some of our favorite looks at the Muse Masquerade 2016 ball!








sidenote: the dress on the left belonged to the young lady’s grandmother from the 40’s… it,by far, was our favorite



Photos courtesy of:

The Carrack, Hannah Bondurant, Frank Myers / Sweet Life Studios, Eric Waters Photography


Until next time: Live F.A.B. with no regrets!

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What are your Halloween must attend events?


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