Girl Talk | Happy National Kiki Day!!

Written by: Sol

Hey, Fab Girl, hey!

This is NOT a test – yes, this is the 2nd blog post this week! But it’s all for a great cause – TODAY IS MY PARTNER-IN-BIZ’S BIRTHDAY!  In celebration of Kiki’s 34th cake day, I wanted to share some the things I love most about her!  Of course, I can’t list EVERYTHING, but I figured I could hit the key points! 🙂 

Her Fam – Over the years, we have grown to love each other’s families, but in anything, there is always someone that you gravitate towards the most. In this case, it’s Kiki’s bro, Sharrod. He loves Beyonce and hates me because I don’t and that’s a love we will forever share! {Don’t try to figure it out – it works for us!}


Her Creativity – While she deems me the ‘business’ mind, Kiki is the creative mind of byKikiSol.  She has done a great job in finding supporting casts to visually bring the byKikiSol imagery to life! Remember the “Haute Curvation” shoot that was featured on Bustle? All Kiki!


Her Sense of Humor – If you see a candid byKikiSol pic where I am giving her a mean side eye or a look of complete confusion (much like the one below!), chances are I have just finished laughing or reacting to some foolishness that has fallen from her lips and I’m giving her the look of ‘What in God’s Name is WRONG WITH YOU?!’



Her Girlfriend – Trust, in a partnership this is a big deal! We have had countless nights, conversations, meetings, strategy sessions, and networking functions that require us to spend a lot of time together.  In order for this to be a successful partnership, you have to have a mate who is understanding and flexible, not to mention encouraging, and that’s exactly what LaToya is! Plus the fact that she is future legal counsel for byKikiSol doesn’t hurt either!


Her Personality – Have you ever been walking down the street with someone and they just break out in a Broadway show tune or dance number reminiscent of the vogue contest in Paris Is Burning? Then you clearly have never hung out with Kiki! Her energy is vibrant and cool, all at the same time! Plus, she owns who she is and knows she’s the shizz and that’s always a good look!


Her Style (Of Course!) – Ki’s style is unmatched! The things she can do in a closet full of clothes are MAGICAL!

Her Integrity – Kiki is probably one of the most sincere people I have ever met. Her love and passion for ‘the underdog’ is something that I respect and admire about her.  Her work shows in the fight for Gay and human rights – Rainbows Reign! *fist pump*


Her Tribe – Through Kiki, I have met some of the dopest creatives and individuals in LIFE! And these are not just super-talented individuals; these are beautiful souls, who radiate awesomeness both internally and externally!


Her Loyalty – Kiki is a true RIDE-OR-DIE chyck! Have you seen the latest meme that’s circulating around FB with Kermit driving the car and the caption says “Girl, get in the car! I’ll explain everything later!”?? Well, Kiki is jumping in and rollin’ with the homies!


Her Friendship – No lie, y’all – I don’t know where I would be without my Kiki. This woman motivates and inspires me. Her passion and drive is something that inspires me on a regular! She’s truly my A1 from Day 1 and I can’t think of anyone else that I would be willing to take this ride with!


Happy Birthday, Kiki! May your day be as blessed, wonderful and amazing as you are! Now go…

happy party birthday excited celebration


Much Love,



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