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Written by: Kiki

Aloha Fabs!

Guess what !? We are finally officially in the fall season with “winter” vastly approaching  *insert the cabbage patch*….. now what that means in the Carolinas, is that the temp has normalized around 60-65 degrees on a daily basis with a random touch n’ go of a 75 degrees here and there…. Now as a southern girl, I have mastered the skill of being able to dress for such occasion of weather FLIP FLOPPING FOOLISHNESS.. The key is layering….. Yes! an old fashionista rule of thumb is to always be ready for the unexpected when it comes to style and weather…. because if you aren’t,  then it can go all the way wrong and you end up sitting in a corner sweating with the shakes because you didn’t dress accordingly on a nice 80 degree day……in December  *shugs* 

With that being said, lets chat on one of my favorite layering outfits for the fall/winter season that is great for both warm and cold days…I call this look “Orange Crush” because of this amazzzzzhhhhhiiiinnnngggg orange maxi skirt from Society Plus

alt="orange maxi skirt"
Society+ Pumpkin Spice Maxi Skirt
alt="olive utility jacket"
Olive Utility jacket


dsc_0769let me just say, I LOVEEEEEEEE this skirt! No, seriously this is a show stopping piece that speaks to my entire soul. The orange is to die for and serves all types of fab! We all know I am one for the dramatics and this orange maxi skirt gives me just that! but if you are more on the “chill” side then it can work for that as well.  Versatility is the key baby! I purchased the skirt on sale for $49 in a 3x in the pumpkin spice shade.. The maxi is true to size…. Now, this is a full length skirt so if you are a short chica like myself, you will either need to wear heeled shoes or have the skirt taken up a few, to avoid swiping the floor.


I paired the maxi with a white tank and a olive green shirt from Old Navy. Now because I am a member of the triple D big boobie committee , I decided to wear this shirt open for a jacket appeal to avoid the whole gapped-open-holding-on-for-dear-life buttoned look….And its great for when the temperature rises and I need to cool down just a bit.


If it the temps drop, I could always pair this look with a scarf to cover up my chest so I don’t catch pneumonia( don’t act like ya’ll don’t know about catching a cold in your chest).  On a decent day of 65 degrees, I decided to leave my neck open and double it up on the neck jewels… which was purchased at Walmart for the low low of $5!  I also accessorized with a tan crossbody tote from Target.  Exceptional fall bag with lots of room.

alt="tan fall tote bag"
Tan tote crossbody bag from Target

All in all, this is the perfect look for a nice fall/winter day, especially when the temps are so unpredictable… And the fact there is a color pop and sassy twirl vibe, please be ready to serve and turn heads in this number boo! From shopping escapades to holiday get togethers,  this is the perfect outfit for all climates and activities!


Outfit Deets

Olive Jacket: Similar here

White Tank: here

Maxi Skirt: here

Tan Tote: here

Until next time: Live F.A.B. with no regrets!

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What is a style tool you use to combat flip flopping weather? scarves, blazers, layers, etc

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