Trendwatch | 5 Velvet Must-Haves For Your Holiday Wardrobe

Written by: Sol

Hey Girl!

So listen – If you didn’t know holiday fashions are all about fabrics and textures and, per usual, we are here for all of it!! Though metallic and sequins are mainstays in the season, the one that is dominating the scene right now is – you guessed it – VELVET!

Gone are the days of people joking at the brotha {or sista!} wearing the crushed velvet goods… Matter of fact, if he’s rocking it anything like this, he might get the digits!!! COME. THRU. BLAZER.

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Thankfully, this trend has made it’s way to the plus side of the tracks and honey, LIFE IS SERVED!! Here are five of our top fave velvet looks that we are STALKING loving for the holiday season…and why you should too!


1. Eloquii Studio Cropped Velvet Pant

Photo Courtesy of

If you’re going to talk velvet, you gotta start the list off with a bang! And girl… These velvet pants from Eloquii don’t know it yet, but they are about to send our wallets into ‘Coinage Armageddon’… And yes, there is such a thing!

These pants possess beauty and style versatility. For a cute New Years look, consider pairing with a cute graphic tee, sneakers, and statement piece OR with a print top with a pair of wedge booties.  The possibilities are ENDLESS! And you know the best part? THEY’RE ON SALE! Use the code “24HOURS” to receive 50% Off 1 Item + 40% off the rest of your order! Update: This sale has ended.


2. Ashley Stewart Navy Velvet Geo Flocked Kimono

Navy Velvet Geo Flocked Kimono

Photo Courtesy of

Ashley Stewart is playin’ with our emotions, y’all!! They have gone full throttle on the velvet with their new pieces and it was REALLY hard to choose what to highlight! But if you’re a regular on this blog, then you know how much of a sucka I am for a kimono.  This one is extra special because it has velvet AND fringe!! #BeStillMyBeatingHeart

When I tell you that the style possibilities of this is endless, that’s exactly what I mean! It can be paired with leggings or skinny jeans (as pictured), or with a dress (both casual and evening).  You could even hold off on wearing it in the winter and use it in the Summer as a swimsuit cover up… Like I said – ENDLESS! Oh! And she’s on sale, too! 🙂


3.Charlotte Russe Velvet Floral Maxi Dress

Photo Courtesy of

This one is for our girls who don’t mind turning up the sexy a little bit in their style! This little number is one of those dresses where you don’t need much to make it “pop”, ya know? Just a cute shoe, fun clutch and sexy red pout and you are ready to bring the holidays in with a bang!

The floral detail on this dress is beautiful, but when you put that on a velvet fabric, it just breathes a new life into that thing. But if you REALLY want to take it to the next level.. Over the knee boot, anyone? #GameChanger


4. Soprano Trendy Velvet A-Line Dress from Macy

Soprano Trendy Plus Size Velvet A-Line Dress

Photo Courtesy of

Show of hands if you feel this dress has Sol written all over it? *throws both hands in the air* Y’all know I love a blank canvas so when I look at this, my ‘Stylie Senses’ go off and I am ready to play! I can see adding a fur stole, diamonds, and pearls for a Glam look OR going understated and adding a statement earring and a colored crop jacket! #Endless

This dress could also be a great layering piece for work. Just add a cardi or long/quarter length tee underneath and a pair of printed leggings and boots for Winter WERK wear goodness.. Hello, Casual Friday!


5. Torrid Velvet Cropped Open Front Jacket 

Photo Courtesy of

Another “YES” on our velvet radar is this super cute, velvet crop jacket from Torrid.  This cutie is another versatile piece that can be dressed up or down. We love how it adds that touch of edge to a feminine look, especially since we are far from those ‘girly girl’ types who would wear lace and pearls from head to toe… #GirlBye #NotOurSteelo

Some styling options for this would be to pair it, as pictured, with something lace and soft to give that edgy feminine look OR toss it on with a cute sequin or metallic top and some faux leather leggings to go full on BADASS! Oh! And if you do that, you gotta add the dark lippie… It’s only right!!


So are you crushing on velvet this season?  Got a fave that didn’t make the cut? Share below and let us know!

 Until the next time, live F.A.B. with no regrets!

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