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Aloha girly!

Brace yourself…. Some would say Winter is coming and if you stepped outside, it feels as if Winter has already arrived!  The wind, the frost, the low temperatures has officially invaded our lives and giving complete Winterfell vibes….. Bruh, its frigid out there!


Now if you’re a chick like myself, who is always on the go from before sun is up {and way after sun down!}, then winterizing your wardrobe is a must! Layering is the perfect tool to winterize your closet without breaking the bank and staying in style during these colder times (Great tips on layering for the cold season found here).

One tool in layering are accessories, i.e scarves, mittens, hats. And one of the hottest trends in the accessory game now is knit.  They are the perfect add on with cardigans, outerwear, dresses, and can provide an excellent pop of color! Knits are a versatile piece you need to have in your closet ASAP and a brand that’s dedicated to revamping your grandmother knits into stylish, functional pieces is Knittings and Things, a NC based created and ran by Aerial Sanders.

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Recently, I sat down with Aerial and chatted it up about Knittings and Things, her goals and how her favorite Knittings & Things piece shows off your curves!

Kiki: What inspired you to launch Knittings & Things

Aerial: I was inspired to create Knittings & Things when I broke my ankle the day before Thanksgiving in 2012. I did not want to sit on the couch, eat and do nothing so I found a pair of knitting I had stored away on the promise I would teach myself how to knit. I watched a Youtube video to see the process and began my journey.

Kiki:  What is your favorite thing about being an entrepreneur? What is the most challenging part?

Aerial: My favorite thing about being an entrepreneur is setting my own hours. I always told myself I would never work for the man. The most challenging part is getting people to see that you have the potential to be great. A lot of the times people already want you to “make it” to say they know you. It takes time to be great and I have the time.

Kiki: Describe the aesthetics of Knittings & Things? Who is Knittings & Things for?

Aerial: Knittings & Things is a complete 360° spin on your grandma’s granny square sweater or blanket. Knittings & Things expresses who the buyer is as an individual because they ultimately make the garment. Their opinions and ideas are the basis of the item they want. I give them the option to bring it to life.. Knittings & Things is for everyone. As you notice there are no label on any handmade piece. Too many times we are labeled for what we are and what we aren’t. I don’t want anyone to feel as if their handmade items don’t mean anything because it wasn’t thousands of dollars, big name celebrities aren’t wearing it or it’s not in a brand name store. It means something to me to create it and it means something to them to receive something they envisioned in their head.

Kiki: Describe your personal style.

Aerial: My personal style is (as my older sister would say) 90’s “Blipster”, a Black hipster like Denise Huxtable. I like going to thrift stores and finding vintages pieces to “update” my wardrobe. I like anything out of the ordinary. I’m not flashy and I like to be comfortable. It’s unique to everyone who sees it and makes them wonder where I am from.

Kiki:  Where do you see Knittings & Things in 5 years.

Aerial: In 5 years I see Knittings & Things working with some local names in Raleigh. I hope to do more craft shows. That’s what really get people talking. Word of mouth is powerful and it’s a small world. I hope to find a studio to work out of and expand my business in to different project like mixed media and interior design as well.


Kiki:  Anything you want the F.A.B society readers to know

Aerial: I am a Raleigh native and a huge sports fan. I play competitive coed softball (which I beast at) and I have a twin sister who does nails!

Kiki: What is your favorite piece you have made?

Aerial: I think my favorite piece that I have made??… I will say proud of because I like everything I make. The piece I am most proud of is the knitted dress cover up. It’s very sexy and I love it because it shows of your curves while still keeping you classy. It’s pretty awesome.

Knittings & Things can be found on the following:
Instagram: @knittingsandthings
Website: here

Make sure you head over to Knittings and Things to shop their chic stock of knits and you can even grab a few Christmas gifts too! Oh! And be sure to tell em that byKikiSol sent ya! 😉

Until next time: Live F.A.B. with no regrets!

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What is your go to Winter accessory?




16 thoughts on “Feature | Chatting Knits with Knittings & Things

  1. I love knit items! Some of my favorite scarves are knit. Sadly due to arthritis I am unable to knit myself but I do enjoy what other people are able to do.
    xo, Lee


    1. Yes!!! When I was a little girl, my grandmother used to knit and my favorite article was her blankets. Those were the warmest, most comfortable blankets EVER!!!! 😊

      Thanks for commenting and sharing!


  2. Love this interview! My favorite quote: “It takes time to be great, and I have the time!” Thanks for featuring this awesome entrepreneur!! The accessories are beautiful!


  3. My go to winter accessory is definitely my scarf… I love them. The bigger & fluffier the better! My Grandmother tried to teach me how to knit as a child and I just didn’t have the patience. Now I wish I did. It’s such a fascinating skill.


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