No Coat Zone! | 3 Alternatives To Wearing Coats In The Winter

Written by: Sol

Hey girl! So look…

Before we get started, let me clear up one thing so there’s no confusion – Yes, I did sing the title of this post to this tune as I was typing it – and I’m damned tickled about it! 🙂 #YallBettaNotBeJudgingMe

Anywho, as Ol’ Man Winter approaches and tries to rear his ugly head in the Carolinas {BE GONE, WINTRY MIX ADVISORIES!}, we are over here working our style magic for outerwear alternatives. Neither one of us are coat-lovers {Is there such as thing?} for a number of reasons, but the most prevalent are because we’re hot natured, coats can be bulky and we don’t want to lug those things around all day!

Now, let’s be clear – we do own coats and will even wear them when the temperature permits, however, we do our best to hold out on wearing one as long as we can!

We know we aren’t the only ones who feel like this, so here’s three (3) alternatives to wearing a Winter coat:


Alternative #1: The Button-Up Shirt

The first alternative to wearing a coat in the Winter is a button up shirt. Depending the style and fabric, some button ups can harvest the warmth of a light jacket!  Some fabrics to consider for this alternative are flannel, oxford blends, poplin and twill.  These fabrics are thicker and will work well in Winter climates. Throw on a long sleeved shirt under it and a scarf and you are ready to rock!

alt="olive utility jacket"

Shirt  – Old Navy

Maxi Skirt – Society +

Alternative #2: Wraps & Shawls

If you know anything about me, you know that I LOVE a wrap! Not only are they warm like a blanket, but they’re lightweight and stylish! I know when some people hear shawls or wraps, they automatically think old lady, but trust – these ain’t your Grannie’s wraps! I have about 6 or 7 and I love each of them. The best part – they come in various styles, shapes, patterns and colors and can be found just about anywhere. No lie, y’all – I’ve even purchased a wrap from Cracker Barrel before… Pfft! Play with me if you want to! #WeShopAnywhere




Wrap – Versona

Top – Old Navy

Pants & Shoes – Thrifted 

Alternative #3: Oversized Scarves

The third and final alternative is one that works much like the button-up option – if you get the right fabric, you are in business! If you don’t know, oversized scarves are the shizz!! The thing with them is they provide a quick, yet stylish option to any look, yet are large enough to make a statement. Lenny Kravitz, anyone?

Pair this option with a thicker fabric top or even a cardigan and you will be warm enough to endure the Winter chill.. At least for a little while anyway!




Oversized scarf – H&M

Skirt- JCPenney 

Bag – Target 

What about you? Do you prefer coats or no? Share below and let us know!

Until then, live F.A.B with no regrets,






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