Sparkle and Shine :: NYE Looks featuring Sequins + 4 Life & Style Lessons We’ve Learned in 2016!

Written by: Sol

Hola and Happy Holidays, Chica!

So this is it – we’re FINALLY at the end of 2016.  Literally, since day one, this year has been filled with emotion, frustration and complete and utter disbelief! When news broke that singer, Natalie Cole, had passed away on January 1st, I knew we were in for a bumpy ride. Usually I don’t mind being right, but in this instance? Hell nah. 

Now that all of this angst is behind us {Prayerfully!}, it’s only right for us to put on our glad rags, get gussied up and usher in 2017 with lots of love, laughter, and positive vibes! {Oh! And alcohol! Lots and lots of alcohol! 🙂 }

Now, let’s be clear – 2016 hasn’t been all bad. Throughout the course of the year, we’ve hit a few golden notes in our business and evolved A LOT, not only as stylists and bosses, but also as women.  We’ve also learned quite a few valuable lessons that will not only carry us into the New Year, but beyond! Here are the top 4 that we’ve adopted into our life & style and we hope you do, too!

1.Dream Big! 

What better way to kick off this list than with a little inspira-shee-on!

This mantra has always been in the subconscious of our business minds, but 2016 found a way of bringing it to the forefront. It’s very easy to get distracted and frustrated when you are in the process of doing or building something great, but sometimes a little tap on the shoulder is all you need to get back on track.

Whether it’s a business you want to build from the ground up or a new wardrobe piece that you are scared sh*tless to wear, never {And I mean NEVER!} let anyone stand in the way of what you want to do!  Though their heart may be in the right place, 2016 has taught us that life is too short to get caught up in the thoughts of others. Live intentionally to dream and create a life that you are proud of.

Do, Love, and Wear whatever makes you happy and feels good to YOUR soul!


Top, Skirt, Jacket, Shirt – Torrid

Shoes – Old Navy 

2.Show A Little Skin

Let’s be clear – I only mean this in a figurative sense. Don’t be trying to run out and be nekkid for no reason, okay? 

Vulnerability.  Something that we as women struggle with, because some see this as a sign of weakness.  Not only is this untrue, but what we have learned is that vulnerability is being clear and accepting all of who you are and being okay with showing the ‘not so pretty or shiny sides’, when necessary.

We learned this hard lesson back in August when we had to cancel our event, The Curvy Exchange. There were a number of factors that caused us to cancel, but the nail in the coffin was lack of ticket sales. I remember sitting in one of our weekly Strategy meetings with Kiki, going back and forth about the after effects of the cancellation. How would we address the issue? What would people say? How would we ‘spin’ it so we don’t look like losers? The last thing we wanted was to be looked upon as failures. But ultimately, we made the decision to “show a little skin” and cancel the event.

Through this situation we learned that there is a strength in vulnerability. A situation that we thought would doom us and make us out to look foolish actually ended up being a blessing in disguise, by teaching us about trust in each other and integrity in our business.  Oh, and in case you’re wondering – The Curvy Exchange returns in Spring 2017! 😉


3.It’s Okay To Be Different

Girl, listen…

I believe I have been called everything under the sun, from “peculiar” to just flat out weird. I never fully understood this as a kid, but I guess when you consider a fat, brown skin young girl from the hood, who sings everything from R&B to show tunes to Pop hits and writes plays and short stories, using her Barbie dolls as characters, then I guess I can see to their point.. *shrug*

Even as an adult, I still find myself in situations where I feel like the outcast because I am ‘cultured’ and still express myself through my random outbursts of singing personal style and writing. Only difference is, I could give two sh*ts about if anyone likes me or not. It’s not their job to like me…it’s mine.

In a world of clones and impostors, anything unique and different is a breath of fresh air! byKikiSol believes there is beauty in individuality and we celebrate it wholeheartedly! If your style or personality is “different”, stand proud in who you are and let your freak flag fly!


Floral Dress – Torrid

Sequin Cardigan – Thrifted

Statement Necklace – Walmart 


If it’s one thing that 2016’s taught us, it’s that life is meant to be lived. Too many days have passed by that we didn’t do something or wouldn’t do something because of fear, doubt, or just plain laziness.

But the one thing that is constantly playing in our minds is that though time may be elastic, it is certainly not meant to be wasted on trivial foolishness. Kiki sums this up perfectly on a recent Facebook post:

“I am on a mission to just live…..and not get caught in the BS because basically it is exhausting….. don’t get worked up over the what ifs, who’s playing and having fun without you… what invites you didn’t receive…. the money you’re not making or have spent…. and just live… love those who love you…. love those who fight to be apart of your life and fight to include you in theirs.. and budget… it sucks but a necessity and the grown up thing to do….2016 you taught me, you filthy animal…” #savebettywhite

DSC_0125 (1)

The most important lesson learned is that in life, you get out of it what you put in it.  As the New Year approaches, make it your business to live each day with intent. With Purpose. On Purpose… and watch how incredible your quality of life {and style!} will be!

WHAT HAS 2016 TAUGHT YOU?? Share below and let us know!

Until then, live F.A.B with no regrets!


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