bykstyle | Boy Meets Girl + 3 Things You Should Be Buying From The Men’s Section Today

Written by: Sol

So you’re out shopping with the girls {or by yourself – I’m with that, too!} and you go into your favorite department or thrift store and scour the racks… on racks… on racks in the Women’s section, only to either walk away empty handed or frustrated because you couldn’t find anything that fit your taste or body… *deep sigh*  Sound familiar?

I’ve been in this place a time or two and do you know how I resolved this issue? The Men’s Section. No like, for real.

If you’re a thrifter, then you know that in our world it’s never about the size, but always about the fit.  With taking this into consideration, I would shop the women’s sections endlessly, however, I would find that some things didn’t fit the way that I wanted them to. In search of a solution and with an open mind, I ventured over into the Men’s section and…. *insert chorus to ‘A Whole New World’ *!!!!  Now, whether I shop thrift, consignment, or retail, I NEVER leave a store without checking out what the boys have to offer!

When shopping the men’s sections, there are three items that I am CONSTANTLY on the lookout for:

  • Button-Ups – The cut of a Men’s button up shirt typically runs larger than a woman’s, leaving more room for boobage and fluffiness. They also come in an array of colors and patterns that can be worn for various occasions and take you from a day at the office to lounging around the house.  And did I mention room for boobage? 🙂
  • Blazers – Men’s blazers are the bee’s knees! Though most have to be altered because of the shoulder and chest measurements, they provide a stylish and comfy option against a women’s blazer. Style with a pair of boyfriend jeans, sequins top, cute heels or flats and a statement piece – READY FREDDY!
  • Sweaters – The love I have for a men’s sweater is unmatched! Because I am not a huge fan of the cut of women’s sweaters {Because, again, boobage.}, men’s sweaters give me the comfort I need, without compromising my style. Not to mention the various styles of men’s sweaters: Classic, Long, Short, Crew neck, V-Neck, Zip Button, Open…I think you get the picture!

Here’s a little #bykstyle inspo for rocking men’s sweaters, “girly” style! 




Kiki is wearing: Sweater – Forever 21 Men’s {Similar Here} | Jeans –  | Boots – Torrid {Find them here}




Sol is wearing: Men’s Old Navy Sweater {Thrifted, but similar here} | Jeans – Walmart {Find them here} | Necklace: Nails, Blings, & Things {Find it here}

Tell us – Do you shop in the Men’s section? What are some of your favorite items to buy from there? Share below and let us know!


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Until the next time, live F.A.B with no regrets!


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