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Written by: Sol

We’ve all been here…

The alarm rings. You’re out of bed, showered, and ready to decide on today’s look. You stand in the front of your closet, at the array of colors and garment selections and think “What am I going to wear today?” You go through your wardrobe selection, hoping that something will jump out and dazzle you, but…?? Nothing. Just the same ol’, same ol’….Same ol’ shirts, same ol’ pants, same ol’ skirts, same ol’ E’RYTHANG!! *sigh* 

Though I am a stylist, I’m PRETTY sure I’ve walked way from my closet like…


homer simpson the simpsons simpsons scared bye


This is what we like to call The Style Rut. The funny thing about the rut is that it doesn’t matter how stylish you are, how big or small your closet is or how many clothes you have… It gets to ALL of us, sometimes to the point that you really do want to sit down in the middle of your closet and wail like a 2-year-old! Okay – maybe not THAT bad, but it can be pretty intense for some of us, okay?! *wipes single tear from cheek*

But thankfully, there’s a solution to this foolish rut! Here are my four tips to ensuring that you fall back in love {and stay in love!} with your wardrobe!


Accept The {Style} Challenge!

Whenever I hit a rut with my wardrobe, this is always my first go-to step to getting back in the groove of things! Style challenges are infamous for helping you rediscover and re purpose your clothes, as well as helping your to refocus on your styling.  These challenges can be found at your fingertips, either on Instagram or a Google Search. My all-time favorite style challenges are by Hiliary Rushford of Dean Street Society. Not only are they fun, they are easy to follow and very reliable – you can count on a new challenge every. single. month. With this kind of inspiration on a regular, your ruts should fall few and far between!
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Get Rid Of It!  

I know when you read that you’re like “Tee, how can being buried and overwhelmed with clothes help me fall back in love with them?” Here’s how:

A seasonal closet clean out is one of the best ways to fall back in love with your wardrobe because it allows you to take a look at each piece of clothing and figure out if it belongs in your closet or not. Now, I will not lie and say that this is the quickest step, because you will need to set some time aside to get this done; however, I will say that once it’s done, you will feel much better and happier about wearing your clothes again! Oh – and here’s a good rule to remember during the clean-out: If it doesn’t inspire you or make you feel beautiful, GET RID OF IT


Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!!

I need to you to understand the next sentence I am about to say: I. Live. For. ACCESSORIES! I have never met an earring, bracelet, scarf, hat, necklace or sunshade that I did not like! The beauty of accessories is that with the right pairing, you can take your look from “Meh” to “Marvelous!” in a matter of seconds! Even the simplest look can be transformed with a great pair of earrings or unique cuff or shoe style.  And don’t forget the POP of color that a statement neck piece can add!

One of the first ways I started expressing myself through my style was through my earring collection. I felt that was the easiest way to introduce different colors and patterns into my wardrobe, and it worked! Now I have well over 100 pair of earrings and let’s just say I am not stopping the number from climbing any time soon!

Related image



Get In The Mood, Girl!

If you don’t know by now, Pinterest is bae! You can go up there and find everything you need in LIFE! So it’s that’s reason that YOU should have a Pinterest page and one of your boards should be a style influence mood board!

With this board, begin pinning styles that speak to you.  Begin for searching for your favorite celebrities and what they’re wearing. Look for colors and patterns that you think will look good on you. Also, consider what you currently have in your closet – Is there a look that you could recreate with your current wardrobe selection? And when all else fails, check in our your favorite style duo for inspo and tips – You know we won’t let you down!



What are some ways that you usually Dump The Rut? Share below and let us know!

Until the next time, live F.A.B. with no regrets!

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