bykstyle | 5 Tops to elevate your THRIFT style

Written by: Kiki

Tis the season loves!!

not for holiday cheer or festive dinners or gift giving but the season of the PURGE………….of the closet!(insert uncontrollable cheer)

This is the time when the masses indulge in the ultimate cleaning spree of their closets with the intentions of starting the new year with a  fresh palette and new STYLE…. This is also a time where the thrifting divas would call a thrift-va-ganza!!!!! 

thriftganvaTis the season to visit the thrift store and find really great finds.

Whether its with the thrift tribe or rollin solo,  to the local Goodwill and other thrift worthy location to shop the racks and find items on our Thrift bucket list( yes, this is a thing! we will chat later on it) One of the first areas I check for when I hit the door are the tops and blouses.  There is nothing like an essential or statement top to take your outfit from basic to blazing!

Here are 5 shirts you should be on the search for this thrift-va-ganza to take your wardrobe from basic to blazing!

1. The Striped Top

A closet MUST have! A striped top can take a basic look and add some flair! And if mixing prints is your thing or you are a baby mixer, then a striped top is a great foundation piece to execute your look!


2. Funky Geo Print

Let’s take it back to the 90’s and cross colors! yep, that’s exactly what we are looking for! and the more colors the better.  This piece is great for jazzing it up at the office when paired with a solid bottom or with your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans, when hitting up a local poetry slam or first friday.


3. Graphic Tee

Now the trend of graphic tees can sometimes appear to be adolescent and REDUNDANT But that doesn’t stop it from potentially being a really cute fashion piece, if executed properly. So, be on the lookout for the perfect graphic tee for YOU! Something that speaks to who you and  super cute and fun… from vintage tees from the 70’s to the newest body positivity statement tee…..I mean what’s better than giving folks a pre-warning on all your dopeness!?


4. Denim Shirt

I mean, it’s a denim shirt…. why don’t you have 4 of these already ?? Step your denim shirt weight up.. it will change your style life…. and check the men’s section .. don’t know how?? Check out instructions here. You’re welcome.


5. Duster 

The Duster. It’s a fashionista’s cape!  Whether it’s a solid color or a multi, it serves the purpose of elevating your style. and it’s an excellent twirl piece!


Now, that you know what to look for… it’s time to hit those racks hunni! This is not a mission impossible but the exact opposite… but this is just the start… let the hunt begin! and my the thrifting ever be ever in your favor!!

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Until next time, live F.A.B with no regrets!

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What is the first thing you look for, when thrifting?



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