bykstyle | In A 90’s Kinda World… {Plus My 4 Style Crushes From 90’s TV!}

Written by: Sol

Ahhhh, the 90’s… Debate-ably one of the greatest eras in trends and fashions. This was the emergence of such staples as the “supermodel”, offbeat fashions and lots and lots of COLOR! It even spawned amazing television programming, such as “Beverly Hills 90210“, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and “My So-Called Life“.. Oh! And if you didn’t know, Jordan Catalano is STILL bae! 

jordan catalano



I think it’s safe to say that 90’s television was a pivotal turn for me, in terms of fashion.  Seeing others express themselves and their culture through their clothing was a welcomed change of the “norm” that was seen on my television weekly.  This also was my introduction into thrifting fashion because back then, popular retailers weren’t selling trendy fashions for “husky” teens – so we had to get creative.

But wait – can you imagine if we had a time machine to transport us back to a thrift store in 1991?! *insert hyperventilating* Hold up, y’all – I need a minute… #BeStillMyBeatingHeart





Shirt- Street vendor {Similar Here}

Vest – Thrifted {Similar Here}

Pants – Burlington Coat Factory {Old}

Over the course of the decade, I’ve developed “Style Crushes” that I would check for on the weekly, just to see what they were wearing and how they were wearing it!  Now, be clear – these are not ALL of my #stylebaes, but definitely the ones holding steady in my top 4!

Style Crush #1: Denise Huxtable

Now I’m going to put this out there and you can do what you want with it – If anyone EVER speaks of being a 90’s fashion lover and doesn’t mention or respect the perfection that is The Huxtable Kid, then they don’t deserve your time…Or to breathe. #WordUp

You can’t speak of 90’s fashion influence without mentioning a Huxtable kid, even down to Lil’ Rudy! But my fave is and will always be Denise. Her play on textures and layers is unmatched! Only she could take a denim jacket, layer it over an open button up with a tee underneath, paired with Hammer pants, a floor length bathrobe and a headscarf and make it look effortless! Like I said – unmatched!

Image result for denise huxtable


Style Crush #2: Laura Winslow

So I know you’re thinking “T, for real?!”, but let’s be clear – Laura was a fashionista in her own right. The beauty of Laura’s style options could be hit or miss in terms of the clothing, Laura’s swag has always had a way of bringing things back to life! Plus, her love for military-inspired, structured blazers clearly let us know that she “was a part of the Rhythm Nation”!

Another thing I loved about her style was the fact that it transitioned or “grew up” in front of our own eyes. She began the show wearing ugly Christmas sweaters and ended the show in a sexy red dress.  As her character evolved on the show, so did her fashion, teaching us that style should NEVER be stagnant.



Style Crush #3: The Fresh Prince 

What’s a 90’s style crush list without The Fresh Prince? A lame one, that’s what!! Man, listen… From Will and his love for color and Air Jordan’s to Aunt Viv {O.G. Aunt Viv, not the other one!} slaying in blazers and slacks, this entire cast gave us LIFE in fashion!

Carlton even slipped through from time to time… Hence, the jacket below… #Love

The fashion of this show also helped me to have a greater appreciation for hip-hop culture and the influence that it had in style and music, but also the more “affluent” way of styling. Introducing me to luxury brands and styles on a regular helped to broaden my style’s eye and venture into wardrobe pieces I never would’ve worn on a regular basis. Who else rocked a blazer jacket with shorts and combat boots to school? *raises both hands*

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (NBC) 1990-1996 Shown from left: Will Smith, Alfonso Ribeiro, Tatyana Ali


Style Crush #4: Jaleesa Vinson 

So if you look reeeeeeally closely, I think you can tell who my inspiration for my outfit in this post was… You guessed it! Character Jaleesa Vinson from A Different World!

I have always been a fan of Jaleesa’s style from the moment she set foot on Hillman’s campus! I love how she embodies culture and strength in her clothes, yet adds that touch of feminine personality to everything. It’s evident that her style is classic… I mean, ADW has been around for 30 years and I’m still fawning over her wardrobe… She’s truly a #stylebae!



This sweater, tho!!! 

Now can you see why I love the 90’s so much? The style and trends were EVERYTHING and I love how you can still see elements of the era today. And of course, my #stylebaes served us well in those years and beyond!

What’s your favorite fashion era and who are YOUR #stylebaes?

Until the next time, live F.A.B with no regrets,






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