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Written by : Kiki

As a child of the 90’s, there are a few things that are certain: TGIF was the Friday Night jump-off,  everyone was the the 4th member of TLC… in their head,  and A Different World was every child’s inspiration to grow up, be dope and attend Hillman College !


Now, needless to say, adulting stepped in and crushed our lil dreams of attending Hillman, but that did not take away from the great influence it had in shaping our reality as nerdy, sassy, free spirited, hustling perfectionist fashionistas.  And one area this is most visible is in fashion….Now, it all started with that damn Denise Huxtable …….. Don’t remember the voguish phenomenon known as Denise H as well as some other ladies of A Different World…. check it out here.


Like seriously, who didn’t want to dress like Denise… too dope, right!? and if you are anything like Sol, then you have several 90’s style icons such as the ones here.  Denise and the  Different World squad introduced us to the chics…. you know the chics of campus.. nerdy chic, hippy chic, socialite chic, hip chic and boss lady chic…… from crop tops to oversized jeans, layered blazers and button downs, pearls and  black empowerment accessories. Denise & Friends had us ready to hit the yard and struct in our newest new new outfit with attitude and purpose!

Sol and I decided to take our love for the fashion of a Different World and the 90’s and put our own plus size spin on it circa 2017. Check it out! dsc_0014


Our looks are a mix of retail and thrifted items.  We find this helps us to create a stylish retro looks that can easily go from a day party brunch or a creative power hour with fellow G-bosses …its versatile baby!


Want to obtain a retro look but in a modern world???  HIT YOUR THRIFT STORES!! Seriously folks, the vintage options in the thrift stores will have you gaga and ready to take a trip down memory lane. STYLE TIP: Utilize modern trends and accessories to upgrade your thrifted look…. the key is to look stylish and not costumey( yes, its a word dammit! go with it.. folks!)

Nothing says A Different World fashion like black empowerment pieces.  It was all about accepting your black and knowing it was beautiful and capable of ANYTHING! Sol channels some serious #blackgirlmagic aura in her “Blacker the College, the Sweeter the Knowledge graphic tee. Paired with tribal joggers from Burlington Coat Factory and a classic vest, she is ready to hit the Hillman campus and lead a protest with Freddie and Shazza! **insert black fist**                    


I took more of a Dwayne Wayne approach to fashion.  Nerd chic all the way baby! Nothing says Dwayne Wayne like a button down, printed vest and top it off with some stylish specs.  I mean, the dude made calculus look like he was pushing weight on the The Wire or sweet talking in Mahogany …..the essence of 😎


Outfit deets:

Thrifted Button down : Similar

Thrifted Vest: Similar

Distressed Jeans: Here

Necklace: Similar

Shoes: Similar

by KikiSol Tote: Here

Resemblance, or nah?


Totally gagging over the details in the vest and how it compliments the stripped button down.  To add a bit of girly touch to the outfit, I accessorized it with this beautiful statement piece from Torrid, which is sold out, but here is a cute alternate.


Because nothing goes better with your on the yard look like the by KikiSol signature tote bag.  Whether you are rocking it to school, to the beach or on the go… the bag says it all! Get yours now, while supplies last! shoot an email to 

So, to all my pen pushers, calculator carrying, glasses rocking peeps out there. Don’t feel discourage and think you can’t be geeky and cool at the same time. From the clothes you rock to the attitude your have. Take it from the ultimate geeky, cool kid Dwayne Wayne and the tribe of a Different World, anything is possible, as long as you believe and work for it. In the end, they made higher education so cool and obtainable for young black kids whether  rich or poor and if that ain’t the dopest of dope,then nothing is……

Until the next time, live F.A.B with no regrets,



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