Out & About | “Rock The Runway” Part Deux

Written by: Sol

sophia petrillo

*in my Sophia Petrillo voice* “Picture it: Greensboro 2017. It was a Friday night when the fashion lovers, local eccentrics, and the likes, gathered in a beautiful meeting space to view repurposed, unconventional thrift fashions from uberly talented, local designers. That event? Triad Goodwill’s Rock The Runway fashion show.” SN: Shout out to all of my Golden Girl lovers! 🙂

A couple week’s back, Kiki and I had the pleasure of attending the Triad Goodwill “Rock The Runway” fashion show & fundraiser for the second year in a row.  Last year, we we were blown away by the skill and creativity of the designers, as well as the dope atmosphere and vibe of the event, so when we saw it was happening again this year, it was no-brainer that we had to be in the building!

Like we shared in our experience from last year, the creativity of the designers is the ticket for this event and this year was no different! The way that some of the pieces were repurposed and restructured was just mind-blowing! When we were introduced to this year’s designers, we were SUPER pumped because they were all girls! I mean, it’s evident we run the world and all, but to see an all-girl pool made our hearts jump for joy, like, for reals. The designers were: Sanja Grjic, Lakeasha McCrimmon, Jessica Perry, Anndrea Robinson, Michelle Teague, Florence Wallace, and Drew Waller. 

For this year’s unconventional element, paper, each designer had to create/repurpose a design from that “fabric”. Not only did the designers do a remarkable job on this task, I was personally floored because of the time and detail that they put into these pieces. Real talk, I will never look at wrapping paper the same… #TrueStory

Here’s a look at some of our faves from the show:

(Photos courtesy: Torey Searcy Photography at Revolution Mill)

The night got even sweeter when we were able to hang out with our #bloggerbae Ashley of Fabellis {who was also a judge this year…OWW!} and meet up with some of the designers, one being our personal fave, Florence Wallace of Kultural Blend, who was also the Audience Choice and Unconventional Challenge winner of the show. She shared with us how one of her looks was made of bedsheets and how she hand painted her designs onto her fabric. Talk about skill and talent!

It was truly an honor to be in the building for this event and if you ever get the chance, you should make sure you are, too! This is definitely one of the hottest tickets in town and something you should experience at least once! Be sure to check out the site and Facebook page for more design pics and if you’re a designer on-the-rise, you may want to consider throwing your hat in the ring for next year!

What are some of your favorite design events to attend in your city??

Until next time, live F.A.B. with no regrets!









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