Out & About | The Power Plus Weekend + 3 Networking Tips For Every Event

Written by: Sol

You know what I love? To be in an atmosphere where Girl magic, joy and power are ever present and sisterhood reigns high and supreme! In true fashion, this was the vibe all weekend long at The Power Plus Weekend! 

The Power Plus Weekend is the brainchild of Kenyatta Johnson, founder of I Rock My Curves The Best. Kenyatta, an influencer and powerhouse in the Curvy community, created this event to celebrate the plus and powerful woman. The weekend features two days of workshops, events, and a plus model competition for the chance to win NC Plus Model and be the face of IRMC for a year!

Day 1 of events consisted of a model runway workshop facilitated by runway coach and model Ms. Jeannie Ferguson. Attendees had the opportunity to learn runway and posing techniques from one of the best to ever do it! If you’ve never seen Ms Ferguson in action, do yourself a favor and get to Youtubin’!! #ThatChyckIsBad The second day featured a Meet & Greet, sponsored by Lane Bryant, and the plus model competition hosted by “The Kurvy Diva”, Monica D. Day. This event featured looks from local boutiques and designers and even had Big Man Culture in the house, to represent for the “Teddy-sized” fellas!

I had the pleasure to attend this event, not only as an attendee, but also as personal assistant to Ms. Ferguson and Ms. Gwen DeVoe, writer and creator of Full Figured Fashion Week! When I say these ladies were a ball of fun, that’s what I mean! And not like a golf ball… more like an over-inflated exercise ball of fun!! It was an instantaneous connection and thanks to the power of social media, we’re now “Innerweb friends”…

You Blew It! grin grinning you blew it! cheesy grin GIF

When you’re about this blogger/creative/entrepreneurial life, there’s one thing that you will never be able to get out of: Networking.

To ensure that I am maximizing each networking opportunity, I suggest you follow these three guidelines:

  1.  Find Your Networking Style 

The first thing you must do is figure out what your networking style is.  Are you a charmer – You know, the one who can flash a smile, show warmth in the eyes and get people to talk to you?  Or are you a schmoozer – The one who knows what to say and how to say it to the ‘movers & shakers’ in the room? The key to any good networking opportunity is to find your strength and move on it! Although you must maintain your ‘game face’, the key to building a successful network is authenticity.  People want to know and work with the real YOU. Don’t go in being someone you are not – that is a true recipe for disaster!

2.  Get Your Plan On! 

In order to ‘conquer’ the room, you have to think of the opportunity as a ‘meeting’ that you are leading.  This tip has helped me TREMENDOUSLY in my networking ventures, especially when I first entered the entrepreneurship ring.  Although I wasn’t super shy, I used to talk -A LOT – mostly out of nervousness.  In instances like this, a plan is golden! Practice your pitch and short introduction, as well as any other key points you want to hit.  Not in a way that sounds robotic, but in a way that lets whomever you meet know that you are proud & confident in your business – and they should be to!

3.  Do Some Research!

I have a confession.  Before I respond to any invitation or attend any function, I Google! {And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one!!} The reason being is because I like to have a clear understanding of who the function host is, as well as the attendees.  This helps me to better plan my approach to the party, even down to my wardrobe! Get ahead of the game by doing a little research beforehand so you can know where to focus your networking efforts, as well as ensure that you connect with key players for your business. This alleviates missed opportunities, as well as extends your knowledge of who’s who in the room!

And now, here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for – PICTURES!!!

(Some photos are courtesy of Shaw Photography)

Displaying IMG_2292.JPG


Displaying IMG_2295.JPG

Me with LaTonya, one of our #bykbabes! 

Displaying IMG_2296.JPG

Another #bykbabe.. Hey boo! 

Displaying IMG_2297.JPG

Displaying IMG_2299.JPG

Judges Panel (L to R: Gwen DeVoe, Jeannie Ferguson, & Mickey of District of Curves)

Displaying IMG_2304.JPG

Displaying IMG_2306.JPG

Event Hostess Monica D. Day 

Displaying IMG_2316.JPG

CEO & Creator Kenyatta Johnson 

Displaying IMG_2320.JPG

Me with my new #bloggerbae Mimi of The Fuller Side of Things 

Displaying IMG_2321.JPG

                                                Congratulations to Ms. Carmen Antonia, NC Plus Model 2017!

This event was awesome and I’m pretty sure each year is going to get better and better! Check out updates and information about The Power Plus Weekend 2018, set for March 23 & 24, 2018!


Until next time, live F.A.B with no regrets!


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