Out & About|The Art of Cool Fashion and 5 Music Festival Must Haves

Written by: Kiki


Did you know the relationship between music and fashion goes back as far as the beginning of time. Artist such as PrinceMadonna are known not only for their amazing music catalog but also their stellar ever changing style and fashion. I mean who hasn’t busted out a lace glove while jamming to “Holiday”  or fluffed out your ruffles why busting a move to “Let’s Go Crazy“( don’t act like that, we’ve ALL been there). Needless to say, music and fashion go together like a fat kid loves cake, Bonnie and Clyde, Ebony and Ivory… you get my drift, right? It’s a match made in all things dope heaven!



Music festival season is the perfect time to truly see the dynamic connection between the music and fashion worlds.  From Coachella to Essence, attendees arrive annually to the venues ready to have their musical buds blown and dressed to kill in the process.  I mean let’s be honest after purchasing your tickets to a show, your next and only concern is what to wear, right? Same here! If you are in mood for some musical stimulation and slayage opportunities then AOCFEST is the place to be. Located or able to travel to Durham, then the The Coachella of the South festival, The Art of Cool, will be hitting the Bull City this weekend from April 28- 30 and it should be on your to do list!

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The AOCFEST is revolutionary Durham based three day music festival which brings some enlightened and impressive jazz and alternative soul acts to town.  Taking place in several venues in downtown Durham, the city is literally electrified by the energy of the event and the element of the Coolagens(insider lingo, head over to the AOC site and educate yourself). This is by KikiSol’s second year attending the festival and we are beyond hyped. Read about our first experience here.

This year, the festival headliners are Common, Rakim, George Clinton and the Revive Big Band. These artists will be accompanied by several fan favorites, including Goldlink, Nao, Masego and St. Beauty (from Janelle Monae’s record label, Wondaland).


While attendees are hoppin from one great show to another, their outfits have to be ready to accommodate such.  Not to mention, other than the musical shows, there will also be day parties, art shows, singles mixers, brunch and Innovate Your Cool Conference. So whats an AOCFEST attendee to wear!!??? Welp…here are a few ideas from your favorite stylist duo Polyvore page to help you out! You can thank us later….














Now that we have settled what to wear to the #AOCFEST, here are 5 must have tips on what to bring to make your music festival attendance one for the books!

5 Music Festival Must have

Portable chargeable battery: Look, it’s going to be a long weekend and snap chat, Twitter, IG, Facebook need to be in the loop of all the cooling that’s going on. Don’t be lame and lose your charge in the process.

A Decent Camera: Now whether it’s on your phone or the newest Canon, have a camera that takes decent pictures, especially if you are attending the festival as media coverage. No one wants to see your blurred picture of George Clinton funking it up on stage. 

Comfortable shoes: Bish, you are walking, standing, dancing ALL.DAY.LONG. Wear heels if you want to. 

Dope Shades: Nothing completes your festival outfit like a dope pair of shades. Literally, it will take your look from a 5 to a 10.5! 

Cash: From food vendors to drinks at Pinhook, it is so much easier and cost efficient to use cash instead of swiping your card. Plus its great to have on deck for tipping those who have helped in servicing you and creating the ultimate AOCFEST experience from scooter rides to hotel attendants.

Following my festival must have advice and styling options, will assist in ensuring you will have an amazing time this year at AOCFEST or whatever festival you plan on attending. Haven’t purchased your ticket yet for AOCFEST.. there is still time. click here and don’t forget to rest up and lay those outfits out because the Bull City will be LIT this weekend and we can’t wait! We would love to see your looks this weekend so tag us with #bykFAB and potentially get featured. and don’t forget…….MUSIC.STYLE.REPEAT

Until next time: Live F.A.B. with no regrets!

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