Girl Talk| “Mommy on the Go” Talk with Tenisha Jonece

Written by: Kiki

We celebrated Mother’s day this past weekend and even though we should celebrate that lovely woman who has given us the world every day, life gets in the way and the thank you’s and appreciation get few and far in between. I mean let’s be honest, the life of an entrepreneur can be exhausting and there is never enough time, it seems. But Moms are super dope and they totally get that, and when you get too carried away and not showing enough attention, they will let you know… believe that! 


As I am not a mother yet, I currently am juggling a boo, work, building an empire, the false pretense of a social life and so on.. All while trying to look half way decent and alive without screaming………..


Which led me to wondering…. How are “Mommies on the Go” doing the damn thing as well as juggling the lives of little ones, solving world problems and looking  fashionable all at the same time?????


So I sat down with one of the baddest “Mommy on the Go” I know, Tenisha Jonece, and asked her some probing questions on how she makes this thing called Motherhood look so effortlessly flawless all while building an empire….


 Who are you? What do you do? And who are the little humans that call you mom and their ages.

Tenisha: )My name is Tenisha Jonece, blogger, painter, overall creative. My littles are Tre 7yrs, Lilly 4yrs, and Stacie 2yrs.


What does “Mommy on the go “fashion mean to you

Tenisha: Mommy on the go Fashion means comfortably, function, and classic style.

Do you think it’s possible to be a mommy on the go and still be fashionable

Tenisha: I truly believe it is ABSOLUTELY possible to be a mommy on the go AAAAANNNDDD be fashionable. I’ve had some great influences that have shown me style daily while having pre-school aged children.


 You only have 20 minutes to get dressed for baby play date and then business meeting, what is your go to look

Tenisha: If I have 20 minutes to get dressed for a play date followed by a business meeting, I’m choosing a flirty and whimsical dress with a wedge and a cuffed blazer.


5) What’s your must have fashion item?

Tenisha: My must have fashion item is a dark pair of skinny leg jeans. They go with EVERYTHING.


 Who is your mommy on the go style icon?

Tenisha: My mommy on the go style icon has to be lady Nikki Brooks-Revis aka @beautejadore

How has your style progressed with each child?

Tenisha: How has my style changed? Ha! No comment…. No but I went from Old Navy everything to Thrift store classics. I search for more timeless pieces than anything else.


Tell us about your company “Prints by Jo” And how you channel your love for fashion with it.

Tenisha: Prints By Jo is just a small piece of the Tenisha Jonece brand. But the jist of it is I may find fashion inspiration from other curvy bloggers and create a print in their honor, or I’ll find some items from Torrid, City Chic, Forever 21+, etc. and formulate a look. I’ll paint it and then offer the info about the items.


Out of your little angels, who is the lil fashionista or fashionisto?
Tenisha: Out of my littles, my fashionista has to be Lady Lilly. She’s at that stage where she wants to pick out her own look. Bless her heart, she is trying. I like to give her that freedom to be creative and experiment.
You can catch the going ons of Tenisha Jonece and her tribe at the following handles.
             Facebook: Here
                        Blog: Tenisha Jonece
              Polyvore: Here
                   Prints by Jo: Here
And for all the “Mommies on the Go,” out there, you don’t have to always sacrifice a cute look regardless of what’s on your plate. So put that hair in a bun, turn up that trap music and continue to bang out that to-do list baby girl! You got this! and it’s okay if you get caught slippin in the leggings…. sometimes…

Until next time: Live F.A.B. with no regrets!

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What is your “Mommy on the Go” must have style item??

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