bykStyle| Wrapping It Up Casually

Written by: Kiki

Hey Girl Heyyyy!

As an Apple shape chick, I’ve always heard that the wrap dress is a God send for the big belly chica looking to define her curves and give a little sex appeal. This has lead me to only bring out the wrap dress when I am trying to show some body or get my sexy on, and to be honest, that ish doesn’t happen that often, so me and the wrap dress don’t spend a lot QT around here between work and entrepreneurship.

closet .gif


I’ve also come to a point where I am beyond bored with my wardrobe and have reached, The Style Rut. And it’s bad ya’ll, like I don’t even want to look at clothes bad..or shop for clothes bad…. A fashionista is DOWN….. Tired of wearing the same ole thing and easy accessible items,  I have decided to challenge myself to revamp my style. You can read more about how to get out of The Style Rut here.  One way out of the RUT, aka “The Sunken Place,” is the art of accessorizing. Now accessorizing isn’t always jewelry, sometimes it’s adding a layer clothing option or a cute bag to your main ensemble.


So one errand filled day, I decided I wanted to NOT look throwed away and actually put on some real clothes. Oh, you judging, me!? I know I am not the only one who rocks the leggings and tee shirt uniform when I am not at the workhouse on a regular, but hey, I’m trying to get better*insert shrug* Enter in the Lane Bryant Simply Chic Matte Jersey Stripe Faux Wrap Dress.




With the current state of my Style Rut and activities of the day, the concept of the sexy wrap dress  just did not work.  So I decided to revamp it with a casual look. I wanted to combine the sexy silhouette with a casual look that fits the needs of store hopping and to-do list busting. A girl has to make moves in style, ya dig!?



To pull off a causal tone, I paired the wrap dress with a Olive Utility Vest from Target. A great versatile piece for any season.  It’s light weight and great for layering on top of dresses and tees. And it’s olive shade which makes it “bae.” cause who doesn’t need more cute olive ish, right!?

To add a pop of color factor to the outfit, I went with a yellow crossbody handbag. Now, I have literally been obsessed with cross body bags for the last six months. To me, it is the ultimate bag when you are on the go. And add in a pop of color factor… OMG, we are in business baby! This mustard beauty I picked up at Triad Goodwill’s Rock the Runway this past February. Can we say WIN!! She was a vintage beauty, sadly to say, she has met her untimely dismantled end and fell apart. But here is an fetching alternative.


The casual wrap up surely hit the comfortable and chic radar, which ya’ll know is my weekend must! See other comfort and chic options here.  Looking so cute that I’m  geared up to run into that one ex or that funky coworker in the produce aisle and make them eat it! Even though this Lane Bryant Wrap dress is sold out, here is an alternate from Belks, that also can do just the trick.

So the next time you are running errands or on the go and need something to wear outside the “bumming it routine”, Grab that cute wrap dress sitting in your closet gathering dust, use the above fashion tips and hit the pavement chica!

Until next time, live F.A.B. with no regrets!

How do you incorporate sexy pieces in your everyday casual looks?

18 thoughts on “bykStyle| Wrapping It Up Casually

  1. Hey girl hey! What a stylish find! You can not go wrong with a wrap dress…at least you didn’t! You rocked it! Thanks for the reminder to incorporate more sexy pieces into my look. Owww!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this look! You can never go wrong with stripes, and I love the wrap style of the dress. I also love that you paired it with a vest; I would have never thought of doing that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kate!

      Thanks so much, love! Yes – wrap dresses can be versatile and worn in so many ways. Just have to try things out and let your style shine!

      Thanks for reading, love! ❤


    1. Hi Jess!

      I mean – don’t get it twisted! Leggings and t-shirts are ALWAYS for the win! But e’ry now and again, you can get cute for the people! 🙂

      Thanks again for reading!


  3. Girl! I love this wrap dress on you. YASSS! I am glad you actually mentioned wrap dresses being ideal for apple shapes. This will help me at work because apple is one shape I haven’t been too familiar with dressing. By the way, I recognize that yellow bag ma’am! 🙂


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