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Written by: Sol

Hey girl hey!

So I don’t know about you, but for me, the search for a great pair of jeans is never ending. Like Kiki I, too, am an apple shaped beauty whose belly does THE MOST when it comes to certain pieces, namely jeans. Jeans have always been a struggle for me because of my midsection. Depending on how the jeans are made, my midsection could either look like a smooth piece of ample, fat girl goodness or a busted can of Grands biscuits…. I’ll give you a minute to catch that.

Another struggle I had with jeans was the denim on denim trend. I’ve always loved the look of this trend, so you know I had to try it, but for some reason always ended up looking like a cattle rancher… *sigh* Don’t judge my life, aight?

Thankfully with a couple years and LOTS of practice, I think I finally nailed it!

Denim Shirt – Cato Woman (Old, Similar here)

Cami – Forever 21 

Jeans – Ava & Viv via Bargain Hunt, Charlotte, NC

Sandals – Shoe Carnival  (Similar here)

I’ve found that there are two main factors to rocking this trend successfully: Balance and Accessories.

With balance, you want to make sure that you use denim shades to flatter {or hide} body parts. It’s a general rule somewhere that lighter shades highlight whatever area they cover and darker denim slims you down. Now you know I’m not a fan of “rules”, but this one actually holds true. When I want that super slim look, I typically gravitate towards my darker wash jeans, but when I want to fluff up and show off my “fatty”, I lighten things up a bit! 🙂

For this look, I wanted to rock something that was comfortable, yet stuck true to my signature style. I decided to break out my Ava & Viv distressed denim, that my good good girlfriend gifted me from Bargain Hunt, and give ’em a go. {Sidebar: Girl – if you haven’t tried Ava & Viv jeans, you are lacking MAJOR shit in life! These jeans are everything! Not only are they super cute, but they offer great fit, feel and stretch – and you know I gotta have my stretch!} Now back to the look…

To break things up a little bit, I added a cami underneath my denim shirt to give a little dimension to the look. Adding a classic piece, like a cami or even a white t-shirt, not only breaks the denim up, but helps veer the look away from “beef herder status”.  It also adds a little flair to the look, which is ALWAYS a plus!

The second factor to rocking this look successfully is your accessories. Depending on the vibe you’re giving, you really want to play up on your accents.  I didn’t go too crazy with adding layers and layers of accessories, but the pieces I did add were simple, but significant! Take this piece by Blue Hibiscus, that I purchased during our last Style Suite event. This simple piece added a flair to my look by just being there. It’s a subtle piece, to where it’s not flashy or brazen, but cute enough to be noticed on it’s own. I love this bracelet!

Another accessory win are my big hoop earrings. Nothing takes a look to another level like a pair of great hoop or bamboo earrings.. “At least two pair!” , of course! #90sKid

I ain’t gonna lie – I’ve high-key fallen in love with this trend. Not only is it cute, but it’s easy to style. Get you two pieces of denim, a cami or shirt, and some cute accessories and be on your merry little way… It’s a win for everyone!

Do you wear denim on denim? What are your “rules” for rocking this trend? Share below and let us know! 

Until the next time, live F.A.B. with no regrets!





8 thoughts on “bykStyle | Denim On Denim on Denim

    1. Thanks, love!

      And listen – Ava & Vic ANYTHING is a winner in my book these days, but their jeans are clutch! When you get a pair, be sure to let me know how it goes!

      Thanks again for stopping by! 💜


    1. Thanks boo!

      I love mixing the darker and lighter, but I haven’t quite conquered the same hue yet! But I’m going to keep trying! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by! ❤


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