Girl Talk|Belly and the Body Suit|3 ways to build your Belly confidence with Style

Written by: Kiki

Hey girl hey!

Like most things, what goes around, comes around and the same can be said in fashion. Flared jeans, crop tops, jumpsuits have all made a way back onto the scene with the younger generation. I mean, have ya’ll ever looked at parents and been like “Bruh, where are all your old clothes, I would so rock the heck out of such and such you wore in 1982! Yep, I do that on a regular looking at my mom’s old pictures. Dang it Nessie! Where’s the shit!


The most recent addition to the wave of #throwback returns is the bodysuit. Yes, that’s right chicas, that one piece number you can put together with a pair of jeans or a skirt suit has made it’s way back into our shopping carts and we are overjoyed… somewhat that is…


Listen, we all know that when it comes to certain styles, they fit every body differently or not at all… And us plus size divas are working with bellies, back rolls, front rolls, extra boobs, you name it, WE GOT IT! So we have to take into consideration all those things when trying on different trends, such as the body suit. and again, we stand by the statement: “JUST BECAUSE THEY MAkE IT IN YOUR SIZE, DOESN’T MEAN YOU SHOULD WEAR IT!” but I am here to tell you that you can rock a body suit with a belly… I mean shit, I did!



Yes folks, your girl slipped on a Torrid Bodysuit and rocked it like it was circa 1992. Ready to bust out my best “Real Love” rendition and head to the local Blockbuster. Yep, throwback just like that! I stepped wayyy out of my comfort zone with this one. Now it’s a total step out because tucking my shirt in is kinda scary for me. I have a belly. A large one. Like ho ho ho Santa Claus.. You get my drift!? Good. That ish is big and present. And I worried that with tucking my shirt in, the FUPA deluxe would be on super sized display and I’m looking more “ugh” than “FLY.” BUT in my pursuit of getting out of my STYLE RUT I sucked it up(not literally tho) and dismissed my self consciousness and tucked that bad boy in and voila!


How you ask, was I able to get over my uneasiness and put this apple body into this this body suit… Well, I pretty much came to these conclusions and just did it! and I’ll share with you just in case you find yourself in the same situation and ready to step out of your comfort zone and try something new:

1. You’re fat and no amount of clothing will hide that. I have a belly, ya’ll were introduced up above and to be honest. She ain’t going no where for awhile so there is no time like the present to see her and accept her existence. And not tucking my shirt in will not make her go away. Diet and exercise will but thats a whole another post! ya dig. but for now, we gonna rock with Bertha Lou as she is (that’s my belly btw… what? you haven’t named yours…smh. Bruh, get it together!)


2. Find the Right Fit: Again, a lot of things are made in your size but this is less of a numbers game and more of fit game, ya dig? So check the style and the stretch and if it’s flattering to what you have going on, go for it!!!! 


3. Personalize the trend. Bodysuits, just like the crop top and rompers, are the newest trend on the scene and everyone is doing it! So how you can make it work for you without looking like a duplicate of everyone else. The key is to personalize the trend to fit your style . For me, that meant putting a casual spin on the bodysuit because my style is comfort chic with an eccentric flair. To obtain this style, I paired the Torrid body suit  with a pair of Lane Bryant Straight leg jeans, a denim duster and Christian Siriano loafers.  Not a typical outfit you would see with a bodysuit but it totally fits my aesthetics and vibe! It has officially been customized by Kiki and I love it!



You must know, even posting this has me apprehensive a bit as my eyes automatically gravitate to my midsection in these picture. But I post anyway because the only way I can truly accept Bertha Lou is showing her off. Boom world, meet Bertha Lou officially.. and expect to see more of her!

So I will say to you, do the things that make you scared, things that pull you out of your comfort zone. And the rewards that will come through that acceptance is unparalleled, plus it will continue your journey on the road to Badassery! 

Until next time, live F.A.B with no regrets!


P.S here are a few different bodysuit styles you may be interested in trying…..

  1. Rainbow
  2. Ashley Stewart
  3. Charlotte Russe 
  4. Torrid

What style trend are you interested in trying that is a complete step out of your comfort zone?

3 thoughts on “Girl Talk|Belly and the Body Suit|3 ways to build your Belly confidence with Style

  1. I totally identify with this post. I decided as soon as it was getting warm that this FUPA’s going to be on display all #Summer17. I’m grown, this is MY body, and I’m about to be in these bodycon skirts lettimg that FUPA get some shine time! Lol

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