Feature | Loc’d & Loaded + 7 Loc Beauties You Should Be Following Right Now!

Written by: Sol

I love my locs….now.

It’s amazing to see how our relationship has flourished since our first acquaintance. I was a loose natural for about 6 years before locing, so my fro was a pretty decent size. Because of this, I just KNEW that when I loc’d my brand new, freshly twisted locs they would fall below my ears with bounce and volume that would make Beyonce’s hair-blowing fan jealous!!!

Um, no.

Actually, it was the complete opposite. I remember going to the mirror after my first twist and just….staring. Where was my length? Where was my volume? Where are MY luxurious locs?! It took me a minute, but after working through my thoughts and talking myself out of combing out the twists SEVERAL times, I decided to see where this journey would take me.

Circa 2012, day 3 of my loc journey – this seems like AGES ago!  

When I first loc’d, I gave myself 5 years to see how this thing would go. Welp – this September will make 5 and we’re still going strong! Over the years, not only have I enjoyed not having to do my hair every day (That night time maintenance was a killer!), but I love the growth and versatility I’ve experienced as a person. This journey has taught me to celebrate my individuality, appreciate my own evolution process (not just my hair), and respect the Loc community, in a whole new light.

Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t share that same respect for us.  I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve sat in natural hair events without hearing one iota of advice geared to loc maintenance or walked through a big box store for hair products, only to leave disappointed.  Though we’re large in numbers, the loc community sometimes gets treated like the ugly stepsister.

Just the other day, I was shopping in my local Target and realized that I needed some twisting gel for my hair. As I perused their “ehnic” hair aisle, I noticed that there was not ONE product for locs, other than Beeswax! Bruh… you mean to tell me that you can carry a PLETHORA of products, for various hair types, designed for hair restoration, leave-in conditioning and freaking blow outs, but no specialty products for loc care?! Do better.

So today I’m throwing a celebration  – a celebration of beauty, strength, individuality, and total dopeness! Here are my top 7 vloggers/bloggers babes, who are my hair crushes and beyond – and by the end of this post, I guarantee they will be yours, too!


  1. Claire Sulmers

Instagram | Website 


2. Arie Vogues


Instagram | Tumblr


3. BronzeGoddess01

View this post on Instagram

What's good Insta Fam?

A post shared by Life Coach Shawn (@lifecoachshawn) on

Instagram | Youtube


4. Miss Rii 

Instagram | Youtube 


5. Huntress Locs

Instagram | Website


6. Gerber Charles

Instagram | Website 


7. Loc Crush 

Instagram | Youtube 


Are you a loc beauty? Have you ever considered locs? Why or why not? 

Until the next time, live F.A.B with no regrets!



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