bykStyle | Summer Stripes + 3 Items That Show That Fat Girls Can Wear Stripes Too!

Written by: Sol

First order of business – Today is the first official day of Summa ’17!! #TurnUp

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Now that we’ve gotten *that* out the way – on with the post!

Want to know something that grates my nerves? Fashion myths and “rules”. Namely, the ones that tell us what NOT to wear! Specifically speaking, stripes. I can’t begin to count how many posts, articles, style guides, and other foolishness I’ve read that says that big girls are not to wear stripes. It’s even more irritating when I see women actually listening to this foolishness!

Here’s the thing – a woman can wear whatever she wants, no matter the color, pattern, texture or fabric. Now I will say that there are certain elements that are more fitting or flattering than others, but that may not mean that you should stay away completely… Just find the one that works for you! For example, I hear so many women say things like “I can’t wear a romper because my stomach is not flat.” It may not be that you can’t wear a romper at all, you may just need to find one in a breathable fabric with some stretch.

The same is true with stripes. It may not necessarily be that you can’t wear stripes at all, it may just be in the way that you are wearing them. For me, I don’t do well with full body stripes, so full striped jumpsuits, maxi dresses, etc. just don’t work for me. Not only do I feel the least confident in them, I’m pretty sure when I wear them I bare a striking resemblance to Hamburglar.

But I digress…

Here are my 3 tips to wearing stripes and looking fabulous!


When wearing stripes, don’t shy away from color! Adding that POP not only breaks up the stripes, it also provides a little pizazz to your ‘fit! Even a simple addition like a bright shoe or lip can take stripes from “Meh to marvelous” in seconds! This ancient (I swear this skirt is like 10 years old!) blue thrifted skirt is the perfect punch needed for this sleeveless Lane Bryant tank. The color plays off the stripes perfectly and even give the illusion of a slimmer silhouette.. Watch out now!



Where most of us go wrong with stripes is that we tend to gravitate towards shapeless, boxier pieces and then expect a miracle when we put it on… Um, no. You need to put some shape in that thing! If you have a rounder middle, look for pieces that cinch in the waist or even something with a scalloped or detailed bottom. This cute top I purchased from Ashley Stewart a couple years ago, features this super cute flared tail in the back, not only providing shape to my waist but accentuating my tooty booty as well… AYYYYYEEEE!!!



My final tip with wearing stripes is to add a touch of femininity to the look. That can be in the form of florals, other prints, or even bling! This not only “softens” the look of the stripes, but refers the eye to something other than the stripes. This Lane Bryant tee is the perfect example of that. The florals in the top accentuate the stripes, but the bling in my ears and wrist add a softness to the look. Add a great bottom piece, like this great yellow skirt from the Garnerstyle Collection for Rebdolls and you’ll finish off the look off perfectly!

Do you wear stripes? What are your tips for pulling them off perfectly? Share below and let us know! 

Until the next time, live F.A.B. with no regrets!




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