bykStyle|Summer Style + 5 pairs of Shorts MADE for your Thick Thighs

Written by: Kiki

It’s HOT AF already ya’ll and Summer 17′ is officially arrived this week! The summer can be a plus person’s worst nightmare if not done correctly or in the right outfit. Steamy sweat finding homes in all types of rolls and long forgotten places can be the worst.



And if you have a old skool fat mentality then your behavior does not make it any better.  You’re looking at me strange like you don’t know what the “old skool fat mentality” is?? Well, the old skool fat mentality is the concept if you are a person of a certain size or weight than you should stay fully clothed all the time!!  That means shorts and big ass tshirts at the beach, in the pool, and jeans 365 days a year! foolish, right!?Wanna hear more about other fat myths we are here to slay, then check out here.

And we all have that one Auntie who still lives by this “theory” or fat myths and reads you to FILTH every time she sees you because you have the audacity to walk up in the family reunion all fat and confident, loving yourself in a crop top and shorts… well Auntie better get ready this summer because she is about to get all this fat girl magic today!


Growing out of the barbaric mindset of suitable fat fashionand stepping into the theory of if you are fat or have cellulite, you can totally rock a nice pair of shorts this summer, has opened up the fashion gates and we are ready! SHORTS are an essential piece for the summer heat and it’s all about finding the right style for you. Now, pump your breaks a second because some of ya’ll, straight size or plus, act a pure monkey when the heat hits. you know how ya’ll do…..


And even though you have confidence of doesn’t mean that all your shorts should be 1.5 inches in length. You still should be rocking with the concept of style which is where what looks best on YOUR body.  And I have found just that in the scallop shorts!



I located these cuties from Target for $7!!!(yes, A WHOLE 7 DOLLARS!!) These scallop cuties are completely adorbs and fit my short needs; STYLE, LENGTH, and FABRICThe style of these shorts gave my outfit more of a chic look than your basic denim shorts. That makes them great for work( if in dress code), brunch or just a day when you want to look like you put forth some effort.


I’m really digging the length of the scallops shorts too because it gives me great cool down exposure for the summer heat but I also don’t feel like I have on daisy dukes. Now, you know your girl has all types of belly confidence , and all but I do have a preference when it comes to the look that I want to execute and daisy dukes and endless jiggle thighs ain’t it!


The fabric of the shorts are a suede like material BUT before you cuss me the hell out for suggesting putting your lady lumps in suede in 90 degree weather… it ain’t that kinda party. The material is soft like suede but super light. SCORE! I clearly can get down with all that because it allows me to “dress up” the shorts if I like and ain’t nothing like looking dressed up without barely trying.. ya dig!?


Speaking of effortlessly chic, lets talk about how I styled shorts. I paired these $7 dollar Target scallop shorts with a white stripped boatneck 3/4 sleeve Ava & Liv shirt also from Target and jazzed it up with a floral thrifted cardigan I purchased at the Designer Consignors in Cary under $5. Cutesy, right!?


Tho the scallop shorts are sold out, I did manage to location another pair and a few other styles every thick thigh diva should rock this summer.  Shorts should be a constant staple in every fashionistas closet regardless of size. Check em out here!


Scallop Shorts : Torrid


 Floral Shorts: Target


Distressed Bermuda Shorts: Charlotte Russe


 Maxi Dramatics: Rainbow


 Crochet Lace Shorts: Ellos


See anything you like?? I know I do……

In the end, it’s not about IF you can wear shorts as a plus indiviual, it’s all about how you slay in them.  So remember, don’t let the “old skool fat mentality” or fat myths hold you back from a fabulous summer style! I know I won’t!


Do you have any reservations about wearing shorts? If so, how do you overcome them or any other style reservations you may have. Share below and let us know! 

Until the next time, live F.A.B. with no regrets!



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