Girl Talk| 3 Life lessons I learned in my 30’s & 35 Things to do before 35!!!

Written by: Kiki


It’s happening.

Shyt just got real real.

A bitch is getting old.

Let it sink in. *le sigh*

That’s right F.A.Bs. My birthday is just around the corner and your girl is turning 35. (November 8th that is, all gifts welcomed. continue on… ) I know, I know you can’t believe it either  #blackdontcrack. And honestly, I am ready to see what 35 and beyond has rolled up its sleeve.  I ain’t scared. I’m here for it , ready to get on my 35 level shyt… well, kinda.


Since entering into my thirties, I must say I have learned the many valuable lessons in life.  These five years have been some pretty productive years and taught me quite  few lessons that will stick with me for life and help me continue to slay this thang called LIFE!  Let’s just say…. The dirty thirties have been BUSY! Here’s what I have learned so far….

Alone time is PRICELESS


Back in my twenties, I was always looking to fill my time and space with other people. It didn’t matter who they were or if they even deserved to be there IT DIDN’T MATTER! they were there because I couldn’t stand the thought of being…. ALONE… doom doom doom. For me, being alone signified to me that I wasn’t valued or wanted by others and unless I had friends, lovers, etc beating down my door to hang out then something was wrong.

In my 30’s, that is further from the truth! Baby, let me tell you I do everything in my power to get a little M.E. time whenever I can. I do this because I now see the value in having this time to just be. Whether its to relax for the day or gather my thoughts. It’s priceless. Get you some.

Passion+Purpose= Making it!


My professional goal for myself ten years ago was find me a nice job in a corporate America, make about 55k a year, get my degree, PTO and fully invested in my 401k. Look ya’ll, these were major goals I had. 10 years later and goals obtained, for the most part, and I realized, this isn’t enough and for the birds.

For me, there has to be more. Which led me on the road to discovery of what exactly is my passion and purpose and how the hell can I mesh both and make a living!? Though I am still in corporate America.. for now… I am actively pursuing my passions in the world of fashion with by KikiSol, as a stylist, and blogger. My purpose, I have found, is working with others and helping them develop their image and make connections with other brands to establish relationships. Though I don’t know exactly what I want to be when I grow up, I know, I am sure UP is the only way to go!

Love on your Tribe… no matter the size

I ain’t for everybody. PERIOD. I am loud, a flaky sometimey bitch, among some other GOOD things…. and everybody can’t get down with that. And I am so good with that because that let’s me know that the few that do rock with me, truly are friends for life. And because they toughed it out with your girl, they deserve to get all this friendship and love. That means random text messages in the morning to talk them off the ledge or spontaneous prep talks before a life changing meeting, I am there for your girl! So instead of worrying about the friends I don’t have, I choose to love on these amazing, dope souls that f with me with my extra ass! ya’ll the real MVP!

DSC_0022 (1)

And I am sure the next five years will continue to teach me life lessons and I will continue to face more changes and growth! Just reflecting on how far I have come from being a teenager to now. Read more about such reflections here.  And now on to more living!

mary jane.gif



So check it, I have created a 35 to 35 bucket list. I know it sounds pretty generic and all but it should really work because I am writing it down and its a list, duh. And you know how we are all about a list, right? Love them thangs like a fat kid loves cake.   Well, this list composes of my customized to do acts that will lead me to living more life. And that is my goal since hitting 30+, live more! With all this hustle and bustle must include moments to sit back, smell the flowers and take a shot!

So for the next five months I will be working hard on slaying this list. And I plan to document it as much as possible. You can also follow #Kiki35to35 to track my progress! And guess what, feel free to join in and cross out some items with me! tag us as we would love to see you being all dope AF and living life as well!

35 to 35

Until next time: Live F.A.B. with no regrets!

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What are some things you would like to cross of your bucket list this year???


11 thoughts on “Girl Talk| 3 Life lessons I learned in my 30’s & 35 Things to do before 35!!!

  1. I just turned 36 and I can honestly say that I can relate to all of those life lessons! Especially the time alone! And I’ve definitely been focusing on showing love to my closet friends. I don’t have many but we’ve got each others’ backs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi LaToya!

      I learned a long time ago – It’s not the quantity, but the QUALITY that matters. Your circle may be small, but as long as it’s solid, that’s all that matters!

      Thanks for reading, love!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy early Birthday! Those are all great goals and it seems like you should have no problem attaining them before 35. I look forward to reading more about them as you accomplish them. Very inspiring! I feel like I changed a lot once I hit my 30s, too, and I feel like – despite a big health scare a few months ago – my 30s have been my best years so far, even though I’m only 32. I feel like the best is yet to come 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww! Hi Ashleigh!

      Thanks for stopping through and hanging with us! I hope you’ll be back! ❤

      And pray for me, girl… Did you see that list?! *whew*

      Thanks again! 🙂


  3. Love how you shared your journey from thinking you wanted the cookie cutter corporate America life to something more…I think more and more of us are coming to that realization!! Thanks for being real and sharing your dreams and goals- you’re an inspiration to reach for what we really want in life! ❤


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