Beauty|Seating up close and personal with Front Row Cosmetics

Written by: Kiki

People do business with people not brands. and its really great for business when the owner is a fast-talking brush slaying former NASA employee New Yorker who has a way with beating the human face into submission and makes one hell of cocktail on a First Friday night. I am talking about none other than Melissa Small of Front Row Cosmetics, based out of Raleigh, NC!


I had the pleasure of sitting down with Melissa to find out more about FR, her summer makeup must haves, how to achieve a 15 minute look for the fashionista on the GO! and FR new Cabana Sol summer line launching August 3rd. She also took a little time out and put a little paint on Sol and I,  so you know we had a good ole time, right! Check it out!


Why did you start Front Row Cosmetics?

Melissa: I wanted to ensure that the makeup I was using on my clients was made with quality ingredients and I also wanted my clients to have a better makeup counter experience. At Front Row, our clients walk away with not only amazing products, but the knowledge of how to use the products properly.


What are your summer look picks for 2017?

Melissa: I love using the matte and shimmer eyeshadow together, in cool tones! For me, I love using our orange matte eyeshadow with citrus shimmer  eyeshadow. Its simple to apply and looks summery. For face I  put on  BB cream with the pink luminizer. For my lips, my go-to is blush liner with nougat lipgloss.

Photo by RFlowers Photography

As time is of an essence for the diva on the go, what are 4 essential tools needed to put together a face in under 15 minutes?

Melissa: Duo blend brow pencil, concealer, mascara, and a bright lip, my favorite is Danger


What’s next for Front Row Cosmetics?

 Front Row Cosmetics is very excited to announce that our Cabana Sol collection is the first of many seasonal collections to come. It will include powder and cream eyeshadows and a variety of lip products. It is a beautiful beginning for the creative collections to come!

Starting a seasonal collection in the summer really allowed us to utilize fun, bright colors. The Cabana Sol collection is going to be the highlight of every makeup lover’s summer. We hope you’ll come to our studio to see the amazing products for yourselves!



What is your favorite item of the Summer line?

The cream eye shadows are AMAZING! They are so easy to apply, you can literally apply it with your fingers.

20045493_1384693094932132_619344304957969598_o (1)

What is an item in the summer line, that will take a diva from blah to boom?

One of the collection’s eyeshadow palettes includes a purple shade that will bring out the inner diva in anyone! You can use the purple shade or the bronze as one shade all over the lid for an easy daytime look. For nighttime, you can add a touch of the black to the outer corner of the eye and water line to give you a sultry summer night look. If you want to be a next-level diva then you can apply some of the purple shade to the bottom lash line. It’s one of the best eye shadow palettes for anyone that needs to transition from a day to evening look seamlessly.




Front Row cosmetics is definitely a brand you need to know! I love their lightweight cosmetics that don’t weigh you down especially in this hot North Carolina heat! And they are also cruelty free, hypo allergenic , fragrance free product. Not to mention, the pigments are strong and give such a fab glow! And you know we are always here for that. Make sure you check out Melissa and Front Row Cosmestics and Front Row Cosmetics First Friday on August 3rd. We will definitely be in the building!

Since it’s #nationallipstickday, so make sure you head over and pick up one of FR fabulous shades! We did!!

Until the next time, live F.A.B with no regrets!

**pictures by Images by Amber Robinson and R. Flowers Photography **

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