Girl Talk|FAT People are f*ckable|How to Reclaim your Sexy

Written by Kiki

**excuse the language but we about to keep it all the way real** lol ūüėā

Sooooooooo I see society STILL has the plus/curvy/fat/husky (whatever cute plushy term you prefer) sex appeal game still F*cked up huh????


With the press conference of Usher accuser,¬†Quantasia Sharpton, last week, the web went wild once they saw the accuser was a plus size black woman. ¬†The internet could not fathom the idea that Sir Usher Raymond would seek the plushy lovin of a plus size woman oppose to a video girl or model i.e lil Duval’s less than appealing comments below:

lil duval

And to that, I say, Ya’ll Trippin! Or in the words of Phat Girl Fresh, “Ya’ll more worried about her weight than this¬†Dirty dick dude¬†spreading herpes.” Yep. She said all that. in so many words and we agree!


But why.  Why is it we, as a society, are more concern with her scale numbers then the fact this dude is potentially out here burning folks??? And even more, think she is undeserving of his time and attention because she is plus size.

Now this does not mean¬†Quantasia Sharpton¬†is a saint of any kind. There are quite a few reasons to why this young lady’s stance is questionable, A) She doesn’t have herpes B) She has a history of trying to come up on her alleged celebrity relations BUT¬†instead of folks focusing on these areas, the main thing discussed was how fat she was and how a celebrity would not sleep with her because of her weight…..and we just have to say to that…..



Plus women and men get play. Lots of play. Don’t believe me… check the receipts… the DMs…Tinder accounts… Yea, check all that ish…But its clear that the society is still fighting these facts. ¬†It is not a secret that society sleeps on the plus size person when it comes to sex appeal. Always boxing in the plus person by labeling them “the funny one” or “the friend.” Very rarely the “sex symbol” or the “objection of affection.” ¬†And this mindset transcends into so many other areas.

It’s idiocracies such as this that the plus community fights on a daily in the media, online, in the job market, etc. Crazy, it is that deep. So, after we discuss the issue, the question is, what the hell do we do about it???? How does the plus community reclaim our sex appeal and attempt to change society’s narrative on who wants us and why?

We reclaim our appeal by bringing our fat girl sexy back!

Don’t know about the FGSB and how to get it?? then read here and get to working on bringing your fat girl sexy back! You can thank me later because it is a must have. Knowing how to bring your “Fat Girl Sexy Back” or boy is an essential piece in fighting the stigmas placed on Plus size sex appeal. And once you have that… folks better watch out!


With the recent modeling successes of the Ashley Grahams, Tess Holidays and other plus size personalities/bloggers such as Essie Golden, the visibility of plus size sex appeal has increased but with the fatophobia backlash of Quantasia Sharpton last week, sends a clear message there still is so much more evolving to do. And it starts with us and how WE see ourselves and set our expectations. Starting here:

Other than getting your FGSB on, you can also reclaim your sexy by:

  • Defining your Diva Voice. Instructions here
  • Surround yourself with an uplifting, empowering squad
  • SELF CARE..SELF CARE..SELF CARE…. can we say anymore!?
  • Take a “Reclaiming your Sexy” class such as the one instructed by Rashida Khanbey. see below. LIT


  • Doll yourself up and strut like nobody’s business!



Now don’t get it twisted, ¬†this will have little affect on the f up way the world views plus size sexuality or even considers¬†who and who we shouldn’t¬†be able to lay¬†the pipe with¬†but what it will do is increase our own self value to where we really could give a damn what they think. And in the end, that’s all that matters you being secure in yourself and knowing the sex goddess you are, fat and all!


In the meantime, we have a message for society.

Stop desexualizing the plus size community

Seriously, Stop that shit.

Plus women get laid. Plus men get laid. my plus friends get laid. I get laid. PERIOD.

And not just laid. but we also make sweet love, have flourishing relationships with quality partners who aren’t interested in scratching their fat fetish or down to only hookup on the low in the DM but proudly walk around with us on their arms. And not because we are plus size but because we are dope, beautiful individuals deserving of adornment and love and will blow your mind. yea, it’s like that.. ask your homeboy.

And a little secret, if you keep sleeping on that plus person. Thinking you have nothing to worry about because they are big and who could possibly want them. Keep sleeping and mess around and end up like this….


Yea, don’t say you haven’t been warned.¬†#reclaimingmysexy

Until next time, live F.A.B with no regrets!

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When was there a time you were underestimated due to your weight, gender, etc. And how did you handle it?




2 thoughts on “Girl Talk|FAT People are f*ckable|How to Reclaim your Sexy

    1. You’re absolutely welcome! Thank you for reading and finding some purpose in it…. we have to remind each other how exceptional especially when combatting society views on our value and worth.


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