Out & About | Bloggers n’ Bites at Bonefish Grill: Why Sunday Funday is a week prep must!

Written by : Kiki

I don’t know if ya’ll know it are not but I can be a bit anti-social at times…. not necessarily a hermit hurled up in the attic wilting away anti but sometimes I like to be left the absolute HELL ALONE! 



And usually this is what my Sundays are designated for to collect my thoughts, get my mind right and just breathe! Look, its necessary ya’ll our  I would be a complete mess….BUT this Sunday was spent a little different but equally as relaxing.  I was able to spend the afternoon hanging with some fabulous blogger baes enjoying some tasty bites, great conversation and strong drinks at Bonefish Grill in North Hills,  And it was everything! Let me tell you….


Lovely Leslie of SobeSavvy invited a group of bloggers baes and myself to Bonefish Grill of North Hills to try out their new happy hour menu they launched about six months ago. if you follow SobeSavvy(as you very well should.. right now) then you know she is the go to for everything tasty and adventurous. She, her husband and lil Ava are always eating good and having a good time. Needless to say, she was the perfect person to set up this excursion.

*insert fat girl snack harlem shake*


The event started off with the executive chef of Bonefish Grill and staff introduced themselves and took our  cocktail orders. The two options were the Sparkling Blue Hawaiian Martini and the Watermelon Martini. I had both! And I know what you are thinking, no not at the same time.. I mean what kind of lush do you think I am… lol heck this is how I week prepping. ha!



Picture by IG @KiaraRuth

After the cocktails were brought out, then came the bites and they were EVERYTHING!


What I liked most is that there was something for everyone just in case you weren’t a seafood fan( yes, these people exist… and I know because I am in love with one of them) then there were veggie and beef options.

This makes Bonefish Grill the perfect spot for a happy hour meetup with your squad or a spontaneous date night especially when working with different palettes. It’s so inclusive!



My personal faves out of the bar bites were  the Cod Sliders, which is basically like a McDonald’s fish sandwich just with real fish…. hmmmm did you catch that…. it’s called shade. But back to the matter at hand…. the sliders were love!


We also had some pretty good calamari and mussels that are great dishes to share among the table. Which is what makes happy hour the economically friendly turn up!


My second favorite was actually a surprise because of my own prejudice against mainland attempts at making poke.  Poke is a raw fish salad generally served as an appetizer in Hawaii. Spending my formative years in Hawaii has made me into a poke snob aka poke bougie…don’t give me that side eye, it’s a thing… I promise.

So after many failed attempts at finding a mainland substitute for a childhood favorite I now had low expectations but I must say, Bonefish Grill at North Hills can make a pretty good poke… for some mainlanders.. #IslandGurlApproved


For many at the table, it was there first time eating poke and they thoroughly enjoyed it. So not only is Bonefish Grill”s Happy Hour out here bringing together the masses under budget with amazing dishes and drinks but they are also out here popping poke cherries… can we say WIN!


And for those “non” seafood lovers, there were beef sliders and potato bites… yum!


Overall, I can say I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Bonefish Grill’s Blogger n Bites. It was just the ultimate pregame needed to start the work week. And the great thing about it is that Bonefish offers their happy hour specials daily from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm so there is always a chance to catch this pretty groovy deal… as well as spend time with your tribe and just “wine down.” Plan on going doing the work week and need to know how to transition your look from 9 to 5 to Happy hour fab? Check out tips here.


And who knows, you may see one of us there! Make sure you say “Hi!” and guard your poke, my friend!


Until next time, live F.A.B with no regrets!

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