bykStyle | Double Trouble: One Romper, Two Ways

Written by: Sol

Hey girlie!

So if you’re anything like me, you LIVE for cute and comfortable staple pieces in your wardrobe. You wanna ruin a good time for Tee? Put her in some tight, uncomfortable or painful attire (Shoes included!) and expect her to wear it for hours on end. The first pinch of discomfort¬†and that piece of clothing is DEAD to me!

 prince dislike irritated stinkface displeased GIF

Have you ever been in the store and saw a piece of clothing that you just KNEW was going to be your favorite? Like, you begin daydreaming of all of the looks that you can create with it, all of the other pieces that you already had in your wardrobe that you could pair with it and even the creative ways that you can make it work for any occasion? Well, that’s EXACTLY how this romper and I came to be.

One day, Kiki and I ventured down to Greensboro to hang out with our blogger bae and friend, Ashley of Fabellis, and after lunch at a local burger bar, Hops, we walked out and saw a chalkboard sign that introduced us to local boutique, Art & Soul, through our favorite word: SALE. Once in, we saw many pieces, but this romper was the cream of the crop. So much so, we all walked out with one!

I knew immediately that this romper was going to be my go-to comfy staple. What better way to take comfy to the next level? Sneakers. I paired this romper with these metallic gold¬†cuties I purchased from my local Gabe’s store (If you ain’t’ on, get on!) and my thrifted Lane Bryant denim vest. Toss the locs to the side, threw my big hoops on, and I’m set for weekend chillin’.

Another plus about this romper is the versatility of it. Though it’s a comfortable piece, it can still be “cutesied” up to wear on a brunch, a girl’s day date, or even a night on the town with the boo! For this second look, I paired the romper with my fringe kimono from Cato Fashion and my tribal sandals from Five Below. You could even lose the kimono and pair it with a statement necklace and cute earrings. You can even be Fall-ready in this piece by adding a cardigan and booties. Like I said – possibilities ENDLESS!


This look is comfy chic defined and I did it all on a budget! The romper was on sale for $30, the sneakers were $10, Kimono was $15 and the sandals were $5! Who says dopeness has to be expensive? Certainly, not me.

So there you have it – one romper, two ways! I don’t know about you, but anytime I can maximize the items in my closet, I’m a happy camper. But anytime I can do it for under $75, I’m happy as HAYLE!

What’s your favorite comfy staple in your wardrobe? Share below and let me know!

Until the next time, live F.A.B. with no regrets!

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