Biz Chat | The Evolution of byKikiSol

Written by: Sol

See this pic?

This pic accurately displays the range of emotions that we were feeling at this time.  Kiki is clearly overcome with extreme excitement and I am happy, yet unsure and VERY nervous.

You see, this picture was taken in my kitchen on September 6, 2014, just weeks before our business launch event Curves & Cocktails. It was during this event that the world would be introduced to two eccentric fat girls, who had the bright idea to join forces and bring something different to the Raleigh area.

We truly didn’t have a full game plan in place nor did we ever set out to be famous or anything like that (although we are good with making a lil’ Beyonce coin, if that’s where this leads us!), but we only wanted to make a difference by showing women that you can be unique, mature, fat, quirky, round, AND dope… all at the same damn time!

RealityTVGIFs nene nene leakes i dream of nene GIF


The most empowering part is that our drive, passion and message is stronger today than it’s ever been and that’s why we’re blessed and honored to be celebrating three years in this thing! If you’re a fellow G-Boss, then you already know that entrepreneurship is not for the faint at heart so most people never last three months, nevertheless three years, so we do not take it lightly that we’re here.

We generally only celebrate the week of our biz birthday, but this year we’re turning ALL THE WAY UP! Not only are we sharing goodies on the blog (because y’all KNOW we love y’all!) and social media, we’re hosting a biz birthday giveaway! For this one, we wanted to speak to our fellow girl bosses and creatives so we are hosting our very first byKikiSol G-Boss Essential Business Box! 

In this box are goodies that we feel every girl boss should have in her arsenal. From motivation to self-care, you know we gotcha covered! Details on the box contents and the girl bosses behind them will be shared VERY soon, but for now – the instructions and entry spots for the giveaway are listed here and will launch TOMORROW! So be sure to throw your hat in the ring and good luck!

We’re also dropping biz gems all month on our Facebook page, so be sure to follow us over there, too! Believe me when I say, the world better get ready because the byKikiSol cyber takeover is live and in FULL effect! Follow the hashtag #bykcelebrates for ALL the happenings and going’s ons!

Now if you will, travel down memory lane with me as we look at the past celebrations from our biz birthdays … Enjoy!

Our models preparing for the Live Lookbook presentation we presented at Curves & Cocktails, and yes – they are in my garage!

Our style shrine at Curves & Cocktails, dedicated to Queen Latifah!

Our assistant, Maranda, who just happens to share the same birthday as our business… How awesome is that?!

Issa Celebration! Pop Champagne!!

Kiki and #bloggerbae Katiyah of #BeautibyBrwnBrbii

Katiyah and blogger and stylist, Stacei of ViVi Style & Image 

Kenyatta of I Rock My Curves The Best and Purusha of Ms. Full Figured NC Pageant 

Let me just tell y’all… The wind would NOT let that balloon be great!

Preparing for our very first event, The Curvy Exchange!

What a ride! And let me just say – the Glowup is REAL!

We’re ready for year 3. The question is – Are you?!

Until the next time, live F.A.B with no regrets!





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