bykStyle|The Power of Style|The tea Hiding in your Closet

Written by: Kiki

So, have you been catching all this hot tea we have been throwing at you this past month for #bykCelebrates????

Missed it? Don’t worry. We got ya’ll.

Early this week, Sol served a few on point deets found here on why entrepreneurship is not easy and how to discover your purpose in business.

While I hit you with the sassy gems here on how to Slay in your Lane and be a supportive friend to your fellow G-bosses.

Yes, hunni, the tea is pippin hot and we aren’t even half way through yet!


Get you some.

As by Kikisol, our mission is always to empower our fellow G-bosses and women to be their ultimate best self and live in their truth with pride and confidence. The dope thing about us being a duo, is that we can achieve this with several different methods that reflect who we are, interest and desires.

Now, if you have ever caught Sol on our #bykDiaries series on Facebook Live( Tuesdays at 7:30 pm) then you know she gives you all types of sistah-girl get your life real talk with a side of business 101 that gets you all the way right and is LIT! Yep, Iyanla Vanzant style. It goes ALLLLLLLL the way down.


Me, on the other hand, I’m a little more laid back and my weapon of choice is more on the creative side. Because of my love of fashion and imagery development, I have pursued being a stylist and image consultant, which has led me to discover and utilize………………….



The Power of Style is taking style and fashion and using it to create your own visual narrative with it.  (And look, you thought you were just putting on clothes..puh). NAH SHORTIE. Being in a visual society, we base a lot of our initial thoughts on first impressions, and whether you are heading to an interview, first date or brand appearance, how you are dressed will play a factor in how people see you.


Being able to control the imagery is part of my purpose on why I became a stylist. I love being able to take someone’s style desires and personality and create it into a wardrobe capsule that fits not only their lifestyle needs but also speaks volumes on who they are. Most people, are not able to execute this fully and this is why they enlist the assistance of a stylist or style influencer to help them define what they can not.

by Kikisol’s first client, Gemynii

For me, styling is more than throwing clothes on someone , it’s a process, a bonding experience. There definitely is a truth session that takes place with each client to try to discover their fears, battles, emotional clutches, self love levels,etc. Heck, in it’s own way,  it is an Iyanla session.

Clothes are used as a security blank and sometimes we “try” to hide in them.(in truth, you never hide but look pretty messy and thrown away and people can’t stop staring). When all you wanted to do was  go unnoticed because of your hangups because of weight gains/loses, scars, abuse or the over all need to disappear. As a stylist aka therapist, it is my job to uncover what it is you are hiding from and how we can use your image development as a step towards healing. Yea, girl, it is that deep.

And once we can start pulling back the layers, the emerging confidence and self love start to shine through! yesssssssss!




The awakening and just fierceness that comes from each lady after their #KustomizedbyKiki or #StyledwithSol sessions is just LIT! And clearly the drive we need to take our message and abilities to a larger platform to reach others who may face similar fears and hangups regarding clothing.  Sometimes, folks just need to hear someone else say, “You can do it” and show them how. This is why we fight for more diversity and more visibility of those of all sizes, walks of life and different stories. To give a voice not often heard or seen. There is never just one narrative when it comes to womanhood.

So the next time, someone tells you, “It’s just clothing and it doesn’t matter.” Let them know about the POWER of STYLE and that it’s an attitude and way of life!


Want to schedule your style session with us? Click here and let us show you the POWER of STYLE!

As a stylist or influencer, have you ever had a client/reader that used clothing to “hide.” And if so, what was your advise.

Until the next time, live F.A.B with no regrets,

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