Out & About | Celebrating Jentober with Brunch at J. Alexander’s

Written by: Sol

I don’t know if you realize it or not, but Sundays are truly made for brunchin’!

What’s better than gathering some of your good-good girlfriends, getting cutesy and heading to a brunch date to laugh and eat some of the most amazing food in the City? Doing it all at J. Alexander’s.

J. Alexander’s is a new restaurant in Raleigh, NC that offers a welcoming, delicious vibe with a brunch menu to match! Specializing in wood-fired cuisine, their menu features classics such as prime rib of beef, steaks, fresh seafood and more! That’s why when I saw that smoked applewood bacon on the brunch menu, I KNEW I had to have it in my life! But we’ll get to that later…

Upon arrival, I was impressed at the decor and vibe from the door. As you can see, there’s a very rustic, yet modern look to the dining area, which already lets you know that you are not here for any ordinary dining experience. After having a seat in some of the most comfortable bucket chairs I’ve EVER sat in  (I’m a chair girl – don’t judge me!) I was ready to get my grub on!

Now because I can’t get anywhere on time, I missed most of the starter vittles that were brought to the table, but I was able to sample a smoked salmon dip that changed my entire life! If you’re a salmon lover like me, then this will bless you, too! Think chicken or tuna salad, but with chunks of delicious, smoked salmon and dill over warm crusted bread… Pure perfection!

There was also a deviled egg with candied bacon dish that I missed because again, I was late. But it was evident that the girls loved it because the platter was empty and they were all gone!

Now on to the brunch…

As you can see, the brunch menu’s selections are limited and I actually like it that way. I hate going places with endless brunch menu items, not only because it’s overwhelming, but also because I ain’t reading all that!

After glancing all of the menu options, I opted for the Lemon & Ricotta Hotcakes and girl, let me tell you  – they were on point! Now before you curl your lips and roll your eyes, the ricotta serves as a moistening agent so you don’t even taste it in the pancake, only lemon zest deliciousness! And of course, the applewood bacon was tasty because bacon… duh!

As if the starter dishes and lemon ricotta pancakes weren’t enough to make me tap out, the girls decided to order dessert for the table. Now enter’s the mother of ALL desserts. Her name: “Powerful Stuff”! This ice cream pie situation is enough to cure any sweet craving with candy bits, whipped cream, pecans, caramel sauce and of course, chocolate!

All in all, J. Alexander’s of Raleigh was a wonderful dining experience! Everything from the decor to the service to the food was nothing short of impeccable. It was such a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon with friends and celebrate #Jentober with our friend and #bloggerbae Jen of JenOni Inc!

This spot is perfect for any occasion and is very accommodating to large groups. It was thirteen of us and they didn’t break a sweat tending to our needs. I will definitely be returning and hope to see you when I do! 🙂

J. Alexander’s for the win!

Until the next time, live F.A.B with no regrets!




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