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Written by: Kiki

First of all, let me say,  I am not a DIY mama… yea I know, I’m not a parent yet but I already know she ain’t me, and will NEVA EVA BE!  I will NOT be one of those trips to Michaels-lets pull cones from the yards-fire up the hot glue gun- got a master design kinda mama. Yea, that shyt is not happening… I’m more along the lines of throw that ish in the cart-amazon prime- $39.99 -you gonna wear what I brought you kinda mama. Yep. I rocks with her ALLLLLLLL day long.


And if this is you too, I am here to let you know that it’s okay.  In an age of trying to be super woman, wife, mom, entrepreneur, etc we often take on projects that are beyond our scope just to say we did it. When in reality, we are putting more pressure and expectations on ourselves with the glass already full and overflowing. And right about now, THE HOLIDAYS,  is really where we start taking on tasks and loading our plate up just like your cousin Clarence does on Thanksgiving day, just pure debauchery and gluttony…. you remember what that scene looks like….. Well that’s exactly how you look when it comes to these projects. Downright greedy…..


Halloween is the first stab we take at trying to be all we can be. Make the PERFECT COSTUME. bedazzle an entire gown overnight. Locate that Uma costume that has been sold out for 3 months. and usually NONE of it goes the way we plan mainly because of one fact, Just because you’re creative doesn’t mean you are CRAFTY. BUT there is still hope for those who want to try out the DIY even with limited craft skills…. myself included.


This past weekend, I attended the Muse Masquerade, which is an annual fundraising masquerade ball in Durham, NC  hosted by The Carrack and it is truly a creatives wonderland. Last year we attended and shared some of our favorite sites to buy plus size costumes found here as well what happen at the muse festives here. But this year, I was drawn towards the more “organic” looks.


So many DIFFERENT costumes from basic creations to elaborate designs, it was all there! This year, I was honored (and semi tortured) with the task as one of the judges for the Masquerade’s  first costume contest. And let me tell you, it was a beast. But judging all of the costumes at the muse, it helped me think about what it actually takes to DIY successfully as a creative who isn’t crafty and this is what I found out:  Costume DIY for dummies…….

K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple Sista)

Though you started planning your outfit with grand ideas and concepts, life got in the way and you need a quick and simple look like NOW! Insert some facial art. A little bit of Makeup Forever and glitter and you’re on your way. Just enough to put you in the festive mood but without all the worrying and creating.

It Takes Two

It’s always easier to shine when you work as a team.  Group concepts are always winning and make coming up with DIYs bearable. Especially when you all utilize your individual skills and collaborate! Where you may not be crafty but have a way with makeup and your partner is pretty fierce when it comes to cardboard, a pair of scissors and duck tape. BOOM! Magic is made.  Next time, grab your boo or your bestie and let it do what it do!

The Mask

Similar to facial art, a mask will take the stress out of creating your spooky look. Now if you’re up for the challenge, you can make it up yourself.  I.E. the Mother Nature below I saw at the Masquerade was home made from items from that can be found at your local dollar store and it was EVERYTHING!

Imitation is the Sincerest form of Flattery

Cause we all have a purple velvet blazer and ruffle shirt in our closet ready to pull off the best Prince impression, right? Or you’re ready to try your hand at your favorite Meryl Streep character. This is the time to make it happen. Celebrity impersonations is an Halloween fave go to and you can use pieces straight from your closet! So not only is it accessible but also cost efficient and you know we are all about that! So dust off those acting chops that suede fringe number and rock out your best Cher!


Following these guidelines will ensure you don’t stress out as much( cause you just can’t help yourself) when trying to decide on a DIY costume, rather it’s for Halloween or that New year’s eve party. And it can even be applied to the kiddies! Now go forth and be merry and enjoy the role play for a day! And make sure you make you way to the muse next year and who knows, you may be the best costume winner!


Until next time: Live F.A.B. with no regrets!

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Take a look at the winning looks from the Muse Masquerade selected by myself and other judges! What do you think? Were they the best?


Best Mask: Mother Nature by Hillary
Best Costume: Liz Taylor of American Horror Story meets Rocky Horror Picture Show meets Black Swan (awesome mashup!) by Stoney
Best Group Costume: The Raven and Lenore by Nick and Ashley

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** Photos by The Carrack**



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