Girl Talk|YOU vs ACCOUNTABILITY|How to win the ultimate fight!

Written by: Kiki

I don’t know about ya’ll but life can be a bitch sometimes. A cruel, unforgiving, determined for me to fail if I see you in the street I’m gonna drag you type of bitch…. Yep, H.E.R. She ruthless. and feels as if it finds a way every single to to jump in and hold me back whenever I’m on the path to greatness. Insert stress, overcommitment, family obligations, 9 to 5 drama, discipline a.k.a LIFE!!


I say all this to say, I got caught up ya’ll.  With life and expectations, like most of us do. Overextending myself to the highest level and now I have officially fallen.    A few months ago, I set a celebration bucket list in honor of my approaching 35th birthday        ( Next Wednesday!!) It consisted of 35 must do activities/experiences I wanted to happen before my big day.  Check them out here .


Ambitious, right!? Needless to say, it didn’t go down as expected.  I did not complete #Kiki35to35. Now,  I did accomplish some things such as getting a tattoo, buying a camera, couples and birthday photoshoot(next weekend!) and Yoni steam, which you can read about it here!  I suppose it wasn’t an absolute fail but it wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted to complete it. I wanted to say that I set a goal and accomplished it. But I didn’t, which caused me to reflect why I didn’t and what I can do to hold myself more ACCOUNTABLE so that I can try again.  And here is what I came up with.


1. Get an accountability squad/partner. 

We win in numbers and everyone can use that someone who is going to call you out on your ish when you are slacking off. Your accountability partner/squad will challenge you to stick to your word and call you out when you start forgetting or making excuses. The bonus also is that you will probably inspire them to join in and be great!

2. Write IT down!

You’ve heard it before and dammit, I’m saying it again, there is something about writing it down that just makes it “real.” But even with writing it down, make your goals presence. Whether it’s in a check list or a copy of them on the fridge, daily/weekly reminders of your goals will ensure you are actively working towards them because they are in sight.

3. Set Realistic Goals in a likely Timeframe 

When you are sitting down and you are brainstorming about what you want to accomplish, imaginations can run wild and you start reaching like….. far. In steps to hold yourself more accountable to complete your goals set goals that are realistic and obtainable in a likely timeframe. That’s where I went wrong with my birthday bucket list. Too much in too little time. If you know life is hectic for you and time is limited, break goals down into quarters/months and limit the goal list to 2-3 items and watch as you slay them!

4. Remind yourself why it’s important 

Like anything you do, ask yourself WHY. Why is it important you complete this goal whether it’s working out twice a week, getting that job promotion, or spending more quality time with loved ones. Knowing what your “why” is will be helpful when your drive is at an all time low and you feel like giving up. The “why” keeps your head in the game and gives you purpose.  


Applying these tools will definitely assist you in reaching your goals and find some  accountability for completion. I mean lets face it, these goals were set for a reason right and not just so it could be a cute hashtag or Instagram post.  But to increase life experiences baby! And that’s exactly what we are gonna do TOGETHER! So, I am asking you all to be my accountability partners and vice versa. What do ya’ll think about checking in each quarter of 2018? Sounds like a plan? Bet. Now go forth and be great! 

Until the next time, live F.A.B. with no regrets!

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