Feature | Harlem Meets Raleigh: Nita’s 40th Birthday Party at The Lynk

Written by: Sol

Hey, girl hey!

Scorpio season is in FULL effect around our way and when we say that the LIT-uation has been real….?!?!?! That’s just what we mean.

We kicked off Scorpio birthday season real proper (and in Classic Man style) for my love’s “Harlem Nights“- themed, 40th birthday celebration! Now if you know Nita, like in real life, you know that this party was beyond fitting for her personality because she’s just a cool ass person and she loves to dress to the 9’s… so it was only right that did it up!!

When choosing venues, I knew that this event couldn’t be at just any ol’ place. I knew it had to be sexy, sultry, and dripping with swag. I researched a few places, but nothing stood out to me. Then one day, a sponsored video popped up on my Facebook timeline and I was literally like “Holy shit! This is it!”

Now enters The Lynk in Raleigh, NC.  Y’all, can we just pause for a moment and bask in the beauty of this place? Just gorgeous! Realizing that this was the perfect place to have Nita’s party, I reached out and through our partnership, we were able to turn my vision into reality!

This cocktail bar features a vintage, speakeasy feel with a modern, graceful vibe. With overside leather couches, wooden floors/accents and stunning chandeliers in tow, this room can easily transcend any event from “meh” to “Magnificent” with little to no effort!

Another great thing about this venue was the team. From the moment I reached out, Sahra was AMAZING! She responded to every email, text and call with haste and if you’ve ever planned an event, you know that when you get someone like that, you carve a little space in your heart for them – yeah, it’s that deep. Even the day-of staff was great! Everyone from the bartenders to security was on point and, girl, when I tell you those drinks were on the money… ?! That part!

As we all know, the best part of themed parties – the outfits! And when I tell you that our friends and family showed out, THEY SHOWED OUT!!


All in all, a blast was had by everyone, especially the birthday girl! Special thanks to everyone who made this party a success and for the staff at The Lynk for making this event planning experience a fun one!

And now the moment you’ve been waiting for – PICTURES!

Have you ever hosted or attended a themed party? Tell us about it below! 

Until the next time, live F.A.B with no regrets!


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