Hey girl hey!

We’re Nekeyeta (Kiki) and Tierany (Sol) and together we are byKikiSol!

 The best way to describe the byKikiSol experience would be an oversize tote (with a dope graphic, of course!) stuffed to the brim with sarcasm, creativity, and style, with a few “colorful” words sprinkled throughout!

 We started this blog a few years ago because we wanted to create a space where the round, eccentric beauty was visible and celebrated. We believe that every woman, regardless of shape or size, should be able to live her best life without feeling apologetic or ashamed of who she is… and if she wants to wear vintage and turbans while doing it, then dammit – LET HER BE GREAT!!!

 This has become more than just a blog or a place to write our story… It has become a safe place for women who need a voice, some inspiration, a vote of confidence, or just a place for them to feel and believe that “Dammit, I AM enough!”  

 What started as a way to provide cute, fat girl clothing options has progressed into something bigger and life changing! #bykFab is a mind set… a way of life. It’s about fully embracing who you are by throwing caution to the wind and being your authentic self, no matter how society tells you that you shouldn’t be proud of your curves & quirks!

Don’t know how to do this? No worries. Just stick around – we gotchu!


What Say You? Share it below!

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